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AFV Recognition part 1.

OK, simple quiz, and as this is me job , it's for fun.

10 items to identify. you are the AD/Milan Commander, and you have to make the SLOT or NOT call...

So, simply answer SLOT for enemy NOT for Friendlies.












Answers revealed tomorrow.....


Slot or not ?  These days a bit of an open question really given that every single piece of equipment shown below is operated by a friendly nation (though the definition of 'friendly' rather depends on where you stand on the whole Israel/Palestine issue....)
But if you can't wait 'til tomorrow.......Right click and Select All!

1. T-72

2. BMP-1

3. T-80 (R)

4. Hmmm.....

5. Bradley

6. Mi-8 "Hip"

7. Israeli (Origin) Merkava

8. Centurion

9. SU-27 "Flanker"

10. Ain't got a scooby?

Slot - 1, 2, 3, 6, 9
Not  - 4, 5, 7, 8, 10

Then again, should I be wrong, I've some excuse for getting mixed up.  It's very unlikely wee paddy provo or his dissident brothers will wish to engage my lot in open warfare........rather unfortunately.  (please to note that we also are fighting the domestic version of the "war on terror" against the lunatics from the other side of the peace wall.  However, it is most likely their AFV's would be A. Homemade, and B. not working properly)


I think its -

Slot - 1,2,3,6,9

Not - 4,5,7,8,10

However if I have any wrong I will just claim to have been trained in vehicle recognition by the USAF.
Thanks to all who contributed so far, would you like a series of these?

..and remember, it's just for fun..... until you get a septic FAC in the FEBA that is  ;D
For a Septic FAC the answer is simple...

Slot first, ask questions later. Whooo-eeee, these Go pills are good stuff! :D  :eek: :D

1.Slot - T72
2.Slot - BMP1
3.Slot - T80
4.Not - Warrior
5.Not - Bradley .and no "ooops Butterfingers" please  ;)
6.Slot - Mi17
7.Not - Merkava
8.Not - Centurion ... Slot if Jordan has sold Iraq some..
9.Slot - Sukhoi 27
10. Slot - PC9


PTP - can't agree with're almost as bad as a septic FAC

T72   -  what if it's Czech or Polish ?
BMP1 - what if it's Czech or Polish ?
T80 - but what if it's UAE ?

Mi17 -  what if it's Czech, Polish, Slovak...or any one of a whole bunch of friednly nations

Sukhoi 27 - who says that Russia Belarus or Ukraine are necessarily bad guys these days ?

How about including Roland...which is French; slot or not ?   Things aren't that simple these days...
Also in use by the Iraqi Air Force.....

Hmmmm maybe slot if it's trailing white vapour?

Or is this another arguemnt for IFF kit, possibly a hand held  designator, that can "ping" the target before engagement?

It's also down to location I guess. Engage this target 10k west of Dharan = Career limiting move  ;D
Excellent comment and well spotted Greenspot,some of those pictures are deliberate, which I'll highlight in the next round of piccies... As well as reinforcing the IFF arguement.

It's all very well for UK armed forces to re-equip with IFF kit, but what about our Middle eastern allies? After all, for reasons of OPSEC etc, do we really want to give them kit as advanced as our own?


I think number 4 is a Fuchs NBC vehicle in the RTR
Firstly, well done PTP!

Many years ago as an IO, I was a hot shot at this sort of thing.  However, looking at both of PTP's AFV Recogs, it has confirmed my opinion that the biro is probably my safest weapon now.
Ta muchly Gas3

Bit concerned as to the lack of participation by me colleagues. Is it because

1. they know it all anyway
2. They're not sure , and in true Army stylee, are afraid of looking tools in front of everyone else?
3. Not bothered, cause they're going to zap everything not flying/beeping colours of the day?
4. There'll be someone else in the FST who is sh*t hot on AFV recce?

Guys, if the answer is 1. Then brilliant. If it's any of the others, get out the books/slides/models/Recognition Journal, and start boning....  ;)

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