AFV Recognition for Cold War Warriors

Can I call it Dennis. Or is that name reserved for fire engines.
Yup, the loader is the left-handed, hunch-backed dwarf at the back...

Nice dog!


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Don't forget the roadwheel gaps between 3-4 and 4-5 (of course of absolutely no use to the recce screen since they would only ever be seen head on).

And kicking out clouds of mud or dust anyway depending on season.
I think I can add to this - the guy holding the dog is Sukma Cocoff, he later became a disgraced intelligence officer in Third Shock Army (BRIXMIS may recall the incident) to his right is the man that replaced him, Ripma Bolocoff so named after the unfortunate incident with the dog.

It is little known fact that the Soviet tanks were so simple to operate a dog could be trained to do it. The retention rates for canine crews were better than the conscripts so a trained canine tank commander was a good investment. The dog is actually Senior Sergeant Fidowksi, 35 Gds MRD.

The conscripts are simply there to feed and walk the dog. It is easier to train them to look after the dog than to operate a tank.

Hence expression 'Dog's Bollox'.
T62 confirmed. 3 x bolt rather than the manditory 6 bolt T72 headlight fixings. 3 vertical press lines on front wings and front compo err coms bin included. On top of that my Ivan/Czech commie wife confirms it and that is good enough for me!!


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