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AFV Recognition Assistance Please


Book Reviewer
Any suggestions as the the type/model of these MBT would be appreciated. T64/T72 type possibly? Any more detailed type/model really appreciated.

Apologies for lack of resolution on imagery, but best we could get.

Many thanks



Book Reviewer
I'm angling more towards your opinion. T59 or T55 upgrade (the flat panel above the glacis and below the turret). Anyhows, nothing that would concern a reasonably modern ATK round / rocket / mine etc.
The country concerned has both Russian T55 and Chinese T59 according to Jane's. Thats why I'm hoping for some consensus; albeit based on the crap imagery I can provide at the moment.
I've given I the once over again. I will stick with my original, it's a T55A.

Both the T55 and the T59 pack a 100mm main armament.

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