Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Falling-Plate, Jun 21, 2006.

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  1. AFV Rec no longer seems to be a bounty requirement. Yet if you are anti tank role it is still a required skill.

    I'm interested in becoming an AFV instructor, but the course as it was originally is not available.

    Does anyone know differently?
  2. I thought it was easy these days. Orange dayglo panel, it's ours. It's just some of our colleagues that need a matrix test on this.
  3. The course is still run by LDRTC and the next one is in Nov. - the June one was cancelled as they had no takers, probably because it is no longer an ITD although I reckon it will be important for anyone being mobilised! :roll:
  4. Perhaps the course could be opened to the USAF?
  5. If it's big with tracks it's a tank
    big with wheels a truck
    small with wheels a 'rover!
  6. I thought it was

    Square-ish, barely moving - British

    Square-ish, moving quicker - Yank

    Square-ish, broken down - Russian

    Other shape - Other side.
  7. Instructors Courses are run by the All Arms Recognition Cell at RSA Larkhill.
  8. Ok, cheers guys. 8)
  9. I don't know if it's still available for TA or just for "Those" TA but the ILRRP School do/did a very good package, when I was there as a reg the only TA belonged to "Them", but it's worth a try if only to see how quickly you get fekked off!
  10. Correct me if Im wrong (being 6 years out of the mob) but isnt the ILLRP school closed down now?