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The Cambrian Patrol teams were given a list of equipments to learn. A few have typos or someone needs a word - not sure which. ALM 90 was one of them, and quite rightly TT told him it is AML 90. Had a few calls about that one.
I couldn't begin to imagine. Go on then, give us a clue!

Edited to add: Just realised why it's been included. It's French! We're going to invade again. Yipee!
It's also the most heavily armed AFV in the Irish army. You got plans we should know about?

If you're really in San Diego, come up to San Francisco. There's an Eland-90 (AML-90 built under license in South Africa) in the Littlefield museum up here.

Issued to the French army 1961.
length 3.79m
Width 1.97m
Height 2.07m
Weight 5500kg
Maximum armour,12mm.
Crew 3.
Panhard model 4 HD.4 cylinder petrol,90hp.or;
Peugeot XD.4 cylinder diesel.98 hp.
Speed 90km[56mph].
Range 600kms[373miles].
90mm low-recoil gun.
1x7.62mm mg.
Exported to,
S Africa,Congo,Malawi,Morocco,Zimbabwe.

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