AFV Crews and body armour

Morning all. It's a question I was asked on a modelling forum. Do AFV crews (particularly Chally 2) wear Osprey as standard or is it task/threat specific? Being a thick infanteer I wasn't certain but I can see it seriously hindering your movement inside an already cramped turret.

AFV Crewman waistcoat.

A version did exist based on CBA. I was told the frag filler protection was the same for both CBA and OSPREY (so frag and maybe spall protection) and if your vehicle armour doesn't stop the incoming lump of nastiness I'm not sure what the OSPREY plate would do.

ETA written as as STAB with no connection to heavy metal stuff.
Dunno, UOR Blackhawk OSPREY plate carriers were issued to CVR(T) crews on HERRICK (and woe betide anyone else trying to get away with it) so there must have been some thought towards it.
All that stuff is a liability for AFV crew as we infantry learnt during the first Lebanon war in 1982. The first time we had a surprise bracketing while in convoy on our M113, we all tried to duck inside the M113 at the same moment. The 5 of us at the back bounced off each others belt kit and the subaltern, who had sewn himself the warriest combat vest in the battalion, found it prevented him from ducking inside fast enough. For the rest of the campaign wekept our vests near us while on the M113.
We wore greasy denims,smelly socks and brown berets.You're welcome.
You appear to have been born in 1954 according to that picture.

Out of interest is that a centurion in the back?
Speaking for myself,extreme right,I was born in '42.The other lads will be there abouts,one was maybe 5 years younger.Mk.6 Cent.fitted with IR,105mm.and ranging gun.
Don't know about other vehicles but I know things can get a bit tight in a Warrior driving hatch/turret with Virtus on, especially with all the plates and even more especially if you're a big lad to begin with

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