AFV Crew Pay

Not sure if this has already been started elsewhere...

Anybody who has been AI or in a Mech Bn Recce Pl will be aware of the emotive issue of AFV Crew Pay; Inf don't get it but other Corps do. Lots of arguments from the system as to why not. Latest news from here is that Cav regiments are being re-rolled to crew Warrior for Ops and are keeping their extra crew pay, whilst Inf on the same tour doing the same job will not be getting it.

Anyone got any historical arguments etc that can be added to the list which the CO is going to take up with the CoC?
This has been the case for many years. As part of a CVR(W) equiped Pl we go no extra pay. The line was that we were inf and our pay scales refelected that (Grades 4 - 1).

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