Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by wildcard.rgbw, Aug 21, 2009.

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  1. Oh yes IMHO a good bit of kit, the bits you can see rolled up at the sides cover all the pouches on the front so they don't get snagged when you're inside your AFV! Here you can see it being worn by a crewman doing some maint on the running gear:-

  2. It appears the naughty boy will be including Osprey plates with it!!!!
  3. Fcuking hope not, we'll get another 20 pages of some poor cnut getting wound up by reni.
  4. I may have misread it, he may only be including the plate carriers!!! It's been a long day!!!
  5. It's OK imo but we haven't used it on ops yet. It comes with a camelpack holder and either a pistol magazine pouch holder or a 20 rnd magazine holer attachment. Doesn't have any place for the armoured plates though.
  6. If the projectile comes through the armoured box you are sat in maybe the plates won't help you either!
  7. I've been issued some of that, but for some strange reason we are never allowed to wear it.
  8. Forks, there was a time when we had to wear it instead of normal CBA on ranges/ex. Recently the regt has changed its mind, which is good cos its pish! Who actually wears any CBA on CR2 when they are out of sight anyway?
  9. Erm, I do, Sir! :lol:
  10. Had some funny looks from across the turret before, until I ask, 'How fast do you want the gun loaded boss? By the way, is the pic at the start of the thread from your sqn in BATUS? That face looks familiar.