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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Discipline, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Help needed

    Can anyone furnish me with the basic list of A.F.V recognition?

    Putting together a package for concurrent activity

    Also is there still a need to learn all the Soviet A.F.V seeing as that kind of era and regime threat is not really in the doctrine any more.

    Thanks for your help
  2. AFV recognition is just that - recognising AFVs - you need to be able to spot the subtle differences between a friendly BTR and an enemy one. Terry Taliban and the Mahdi army might not use AFVs but who can tell who our next enemy will be? Odds on they will be using license built Rusky stuff.
  3. This is the new "Thomas" class


    The new "National Pygmy Army" MBT


    and the latest British MBT. Some say that defence cuts have had their toll on this new version.


  4. Yeh,Point taken I can see there is a need to recognise soviet armour,has any one got the up to date list for basic soviet A.F.V.

  5. Do as the Yanks do.

    Teach your students what our kit looks like. End with statement "if you don't recognise it, it ain't ours so shoot it".

    I think they do that for their Airforce as well.
  6. It's gone quite a way from "Shoot/Don't Shoot" (which at one time may have been "Round turret, shoot it, square turret, don't shoot it"). I have a whole bunch of stuff from the US Master Gunner's course, if you're still interested. It's a large email.

  7. There is also a basic AFV lesson available through our Mil system, just ask your training wing for it. If it is too tame use the advanced one, most Cav and Tank units hold it on CD in there training wings.
  8. Ok, may not be the brightest star on this site, or the one that has a passion(or should that be a sexualsticky) with his/her spellchecker.

    Anyone asking the question can only come from the ACF/Schools blah blah etc.

    If it is from a serving - whatever - then private golden may well be our future Chef de Partie.

    HOWEVER, if that lovely genral faragh huckley was still waving his willy in the 90's then according to him "No man should be reprieved for deserting in WW1" "it would send the wrong message to the troops". Then who knows?

    Would that be the wrong message when he used to chopper home every evening from ex because he did not feel "CORRECT" if he had not shoured before speaking to his "not so smelly" staff?

    I wish you luck with your search.
    In the 80'ties I remember walking into a wharehouse on a raoc barracks/site with 20 foot palletts of wall to wall training material on UK - USA - SOV - Chinese etc etc etc weapons and vehicles .

    Mabey you should try ebay, the cqms division of the army have more than one office open 24hrs.