AFV 436

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Track_Link, Sep 21, 2007.

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  1. buy it
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Will the AA do a pack lift :?
  3. I've just noticed he say's it runs and drives well - that'd be a facking first
  4. If you're going to drive it Track, i'm off to New Zealand. I'm sure all your cases of tiller lock were just to satisfy your desire to crush Boxhead's cars. Oh f*ck it, buy the thing old boy!!
  5. Seconded! Also, thats a 432, not a 436. :roll:
  6. Typical Oscar troop vehicle recognition
  7. Have you not highlighted the benefits to the other half.

    1. All that room in the back for shopping.
    2. No worries with where to park when you go shopping
    3. You cant hear the kids winging in the back.

    Sounds like a good deal :D
  8. Just showed it Mrs Ex_STAB.

    Mrs. ES: "Oh, a tank."
    ES: "It's not a tank, it's an APC. It's got seats for eight of our mates. Look we could turn it into a camper."
    Mrs. ES: "Ha! Armoured shagpad!"

    Yes I can have it. Sadly we can't afford it.... :(

    Does look in far better nick than any I've ever seen.
  9. I will stick in a shagged box and write 353 on it. Hey presto FFR - 436 (with no comms - shock me)
  10. Let's be fair I only crashed twice in four long years... And neither were my fault. I mean who builds a greenhouse next to a road that armour drives down.
  11. Its funny coz its true. 8O
  12. you cant take it dogging though ,no windows to look through :twisted:
  13. You could leave the little one on the back door open. All the pervs fighting for a viewing!

    Best bit, you could have the BV on while having a quicky.
  14. Have you tried Direct Line for an insurance quote yet? Don't forget to put the Mrs on as a named driver!!