Afternoon Puzzle

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bravo2nothing, May 1, 2007.

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  1. Been passed this question by a cleaver cunt, which I know I am not. Therefore, I would like to combine the power of arrse to see what can be accomplished.

    You have 13 identical balls. All are the same weight except for one. Using only a balance scale, find the odd one out with only 3 weighings.

    Off you go. Prize for the winner, a pint on Saturday if you're going and if you can find me! :wink:
  2. quite easy if you think on simple terms...

    The simplified answer

    ... now for that pint, are you at the Army/Navy match????
  3. How about:

    Put six balls on each side. If they balance then it's the remaining one. If they don't, it's one of the six on the heavier side.

    Take the six from the heavier side and put three on each side. Then take the three on the heavier side.

    Put one of those three on each side. The heavier one is the odd one out or if they balance it's the one that's not on the scales.

    Reading back, this assumes that the odd one out is heavier than the others. If it's lighter then reverse the process. If you don't know if it's heavier or lighter then I'll need another five minutes.

    Does this make any sense?
  4. Dont ask me am not that clever.

    Wish i was though, but never mind....mate think am blonde so dont have much hope
  5. I am at the game yes, I'm the good looking bloke - however, I am still reading that answer. Talk about kick the arrse out of it....
  6. I did that puzzle on my fingers (I flicked the office sprog and told him to find me the answer... OR SO HELP ME GOD.... :threaten: !!!!!)
  7. Is it just me or is this extremely complicated and absurdly unnecessary?

  8. Flick his nuts for showing off.
  9. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Placing the balancing scale on a weighing scale should reduce the iterations reqired to achieve the result.

    I'll get my lab-coat . . .
  10. First weighing. 000,000 / 000,000 One left out.

    Second weighing Heavier side gets split.
    00 / 00, two left out

    If balanced:
    Third weighing
    0 / 0

    Third weighing
    If not balanced. 0 / 0
  11. I gave it a go, but the wench said she hasn't got any. I'll kick her in the balls when she's not expecting it, and if she goes down like a sack of spuds, I'll know she's been lying to me.
  12. see...stabtiffy isn't just a pretty face!!
  13. My next amazing trick is to measure the total amount of skin that Big Bird has. I've got my GPS, 62 tape measures and a crane standing by. Alas, though, I fear it's too great a challenge, even for me.

    Plus googling the answer is gay. Either do it properly or throw yourself into a dog food mincer.
  14. Some mates and I were asked this question and a couple of others in a bar last week by an ex-pat Scouser.

    My clever chum had figured it out within a few seconds, so the scouse tw@t just kept coming back with more and more puzzles.

    The landlady, a Dutch lesbian seemed to like him, and due to the shortage of good bars in that part of Portugal, we couldn't just fill the fecker in and leave him bleeding in the street.

    In a master stroke, another chum asked the TSB a similar question, involving the movement of toothpicks and beer mats.

    We left a little while later, and popped in the next night for the landlady to tell us TSB had been there for hours trying to figure out the puzzle, and had eventually left quite upset he couldn't get it.

    When we asked our mate to show us how it was done, he said he didn't have a clue as he'd made it up as he went along.
  15. might need a box of tacks too, to stretch out the wrinkles and folds or you won't get true measurements