Afternoon Constable, or not as the case may or may not be…

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Oct 30, 2009.

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  1. Mad.
  2. All quite confusing.

    I suggest using the appropriate word for those making these decisions to further avoid confusement is...

  3. What next? nobody is allowed to speak English incase it upsets non English speaking people?
  4. Mustn't upset the immigrants now should we!
  5. Well that is you snookered :p

    It is a liarbour multiculteraled society we live in now you have to be able to say in in 27 different languages

  6. no, that's not PC enough…

    I would suggest: Reproductive organ of a non male persuasion.
  7. The only people that I can see being cofused by somebody saying "evening all" or afternoon are "The Thick".

  8. Can you say "non male"? it might upset women!

    John, get back to work you non English person of highland persuasion ;)

  9. ooops! That's a point, off to the non sexist re-education gulag for me then. 8O
  10. Day off today :p

    So does this mean that the non white (is that allowed) police have to say it as well

  11. I think they can say what they like, they have their own association to cover them.
  12. But in what language :twisted:
  13. How very dare you. White is the opposite of Black...

    Oh bugger. Ticket for the Gulag please.
  14. The problem is that once you create an Equality and Diversity unit, they need to keep themselves gainfully employed by thinking up this drivel. If they declared there were no problems in these areas they might get put back on the streets, and that would never do!