Aftermath of Massereene Killings

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by HarryPalmer, Mar 19, 2009.

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  4. Marian Price is a b1tch and will never be converted to peaceful means. Let's hope she catches something terminal, slow, painful and untreatable. Life should have meant life.
  5. Thanks Harry, scarey stuff :-(
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    It's such a shame that we, the civilised ones have to follow due process and even protect these murdering fcuks in prison.

    I'm thinking one good turn deserves another, and if we know the players and the murderers, go in and kill them.

    Just like the jihaddees in Iraq and Afgan - how many martyrs do they ACTUALLY want? We should give them all the dead heroes and martyrs they ask for.
  7. The reason these people have their free speech to spout their hate filled rhetoric is because Blair let them all off their past crimes and released them back into the community.
  8. That may throw fuel onto the fire, but I can understand where you're coming from. The system at the moment clearly does not work.

    People acted surprised when the attack happened, because the media here in the UK was more concerned on giving minute-by-minute coverage of Jade Goody's spiralling health (or should that be strand-by-strand...), than letting people know of the shocking number of bombs/attacks that were thwarted by the PSNI et al.

    I suppose though, like in the middle east, we can only succeed when the indigenous people make up their own mind. However, as we are the target of the attacks, we should be given a remit to go after the buggers to prevent further attacks on soldiers or police.
  10. The two articles by Suzanne Breen are very good, as usual, but you would have thought that she had the experience/common sense not to put an active code word into an article.
  11. The code once used can never be used again
  12. Nope, the code words get used over and over. That is how we know which ones are real.
  13. Nope

    most criminal organisations have given certain words

    to certain organisations

    thats how they know its real-

    once used its dumped as there would be doubt as to its authenticity

    the only one thats recycled is P O Neil
  14. Which is why this codeword won't be used again. Previous codewords would not usually have been released into the public sphere. If, for example a call came in with the codeword "hovis" and it later proved to be a genuine device. The next time "hovis" was used we would have had a pretty fair idea this time was not a hoax. Not foolproof, but that's the gist of it. Based on my previous knowledge and experience.
  15. I say again, nope.

    They are used over and over until they are compromised (like the one from the article now is), as an example of a previous RIRA one Martha Hope was used in nearly all RIRA bomb warnings up until Omagh in 98.

    It was released to the press and then Omagh and Strabane in particular were plagued with hoax calls from muppets who had seen the code word in the press.