After youve left how do you stop the urge to go back?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Nutter, Nov 11, 2008.

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  1. Ive been out for nearly 18 months now. I keep getting this urge to go back though. At first I thought joing the ACF might help me control this urge but it hasnt, well not much anyway. I would rejoin but I just dont have the time at the moment to do all the phys involved (as im not quite as fit as I was) or to do all the weekends as i remember 28 days a year, yeah right.

    How do you, that have left and still post here, control this urge?
  2. It fades over time but never leaves. My old comrades that are still in green spent last winter in the Stan and I ached to be with them. If I had to do it again I wouldn't have left, but hindsight is a wonderful thig, isn't it? :(
  3. Concentrate on what you're doing in your life now. Family, work, other interests. Balance what you stand to lose from them by what you may gain by going back. If you're anything like me, you'll still hanker after a life in green occasionally. I don't think it will ever leave me completely. I find it easier to put it in perspective though when I get a day off and spend it with my wife and kid or do something in work that makes me feel I'm doing something worthwhile now.
  4. I couldn't control it. I tried Cadet instructing, but that just got me more fired up. So I rejoined after 20 years :D

    Foggy's right though, you have to balance Family etc. My lad's 19 now and at RMAS, so it's a little easier, and the Wife is pretty supportive.
  5. I'm pretty sure that using the words ACF and 'urge' in the same sentence is never a good thing.

    I'm more concerned that if I took a leave of absence that I'd never want to go back :D

    Feel free not to put jokes on here about me never being in the TAC in the first place.
  6. Get back in as a regular?
  7. I left in November last year, I sometimes feel pangs about wanting to deploy when I see the troops cutting about in their dessies just before they go.
    Main thing I miss is gripping soldiers I see mincing around the place in uniform with hands in their pockets or eating ice lollies.
    Apart from that I get my fix of the army on the 5th of every month when my pension goes into the bank.
  8. Never leaves you. When you see the lads on TV or newspapers you wish you were there with them.
    I moved to a different country, that way you can't rejoin, though with Ryanair it might be feasible. Would the TA pay my weekends from catalonia do you think?

    Try doing something physical like lots of sport, gives you something else to concentrate on.
  9. join the RAF fella. Youll soon forget about bein military with them bunch of loosas!
  10. Take a photo of a locker layout and have it printed A3 size and stick it on the back of the door. Whenever you feel the need to rejoin, look at it. :D
  11. On a weekend when all your mates are going on the lash tell them you can't and stand at your front gate for 2 hours then go indoors for 4 then back on the gate (see where I'm coming from!). In the morning go in your back garden and dig a trench, on completion fill it in and dig another 2 foot away, your wife won't be happy but it might kill the urge.
    Saying that though, I'd still do it all again!!
  12. Been out for years it never goes away.

    Starting my training this weekend at the age of 43 again.

    Here we go.......................
  13. Seriously? Well done chum. Who with?
  14. RLC at grantham its just down the road from me.

    get bossed about by a 22 year old.

    Can't wait................................
  15. I'm sure they even can find a job for you mate!
    TA RLC perhaps? :p