After there strike,what do you think of the fire service???

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ABF9, Jul 10, 2006.

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  1. Are they real life hero's risking life and limb or just fat lazy blokes who are taking the piss?????????????????????????
  2. Uhmm...

    I would say that on the whole, they are great guys who provide a good service. When they strike, they're annoying as feck though.

    Can someone explain to me why there is some sort of ruling in place to stop the military using the fire brigades state of the art equipment? They sit there having BBQs and getting greasy fingermarks all over their purrrty red engines, whilst we get "green goddesses" which probably do about 300 meters to the gallon and packs the projectile power of a SuperSoaker.

    Personally, I would hold the firefighters responsable for any deaths that happen whilst they're striking. They have a responsability to protect, but instead they're more interested in their own wallets.
  3. Fire Fighters have a duty of care, full stop!.
  4. Yes, indeed. A duty to care for their own wallets!!

    They only work six months of the year anyway!!
  5. Lazy * should be made to go to Afghanistan or Iraq as a job swap until they promise to get back to work.
    Also any soldiers covering the fire strike should recieve firemens rates of pay for the duration.
  6. Which particular fire strike are we talking about?!!
  7. They only went on strike because the reforms being proposed would actually force some of them to do the job they are paid for and restrict the amount of (paid) time off they get to drive taxis and work as cash-in-hand HGV drivers or painters and decorators.

    Given the amount of overstretch we are under at the moment, where would any cover come from if a strike was called today?
  8. Ahahahahahahahaha!

    Naffi for this one I think.

    A nice balenced and informed debate no doubt.

  9. I shall raise my head above the parapet briefly to let you know that some of us are prepared to go to iraq, afghanistan etc,but our fire authority,mine in particular,will not let me go.It is their policy.

    As for the other comments,think I'll let you believe your own misinformation as there is not much chance of reasoned discussion here is there?

    Not to worry,that is why some of us ex-regular service personnel keep coming enjoy the light hearted banter!

    (ducking back below the parapet to avoid the incoming)
  10. Nobody, as yet, seems willing to look at this from the firefighters' point of view. On the contrary, everybody appears to just have picked up on the gobment propoganda from the papers, added their own pinch of jealousy and spurted out the prevalent negative attitude.

    Firefighting is not quantifiable, nor can it easily be subjected to performance assessments. This was explained to me by a UK firefighter recently and I'll paraphrase what he said because this seems to be the root of the problem.

    If both station A and B are manned by 20 bods apiece, but station A, in a given period, has 20% fewer shouts, then the gobment arbitrarily decides that four men can be shaved off there. This effectively neutralises the service station A can offer and puts the remaining team in more danger, since they have to cover for those missing colleagues when a really big shout comes up.

    The UK gobment's obsession with performance figures is not the answer to every problem. Of course there are going to be a number of skivers and shirkers in the Fire Service (as in any organisation), but I'm certain that the guys on the inside can make a much better job of getting rid of them than some gobment plonker (isn't it "Two-Shags" who does this?).

  11. Bugsy- I am sure this is the same in the overstretched, undermanned Army that we have. The fact is they get paid a good starting salary and have half the year off, what does the average 18 year old British Soldier get paid and what perks does he get to cover them whilst they are striking? They do not realise how good they have got it!!
  12. Half the year off???

    That old chesnut, sorry but it isnt true.

    A bit like the old 'Sports Day Weds and half day Friday/POETS Day' type thing in the Army.

    The avewrage 18 year old squadie get food and accomadation. Yes it is deducted from his wages, and yes some of it can be classed as fekkin awefull! But the hose squireter doesnt even get that, so the starting wage has to reflect the going rate in soceity.

    If you want to pay peanuts expect monkeys, and the modern firefighters job is no thickko monkey 'see fire and squirt' as some seem to think. To get good guys, you have to pay a good(ish) salery. That is BASIC economics, nothing to do with the job.

    You want to know who has it easy???

    Securicor Cash in Tarnsit drivers/guards!
    12 hour days, half the year off, very good money.
  13. Ronny, I agree entirely - up to a point! Even when I was in the British Army (late Sixties/Seventies), we still had the very same basic problems that are very much apparent today - overstretch, undermanning, shite equipment, etc. The question is: why the fück haven't these (obviously perennial problems) been addressed in a much more responsible manner in the meantime? I mean, it's not as if they suddenly cropped up last Tuesday, is it?

    This problem complex is very much the same with the Fire Service; they provide a very essential service (as does the British Army), so, in the opinion of the numpties in charge, there's no real need to go into any discrepancies about manning, pay, duty rosters, allowances etc. They're dedicated people! It'll just sort itself and go away. Only that's not going to happen, since this involves peoples' livelihoods, however dedicated they are!

    There seems to be a majority opinion here that firefighters have so much free time and so much spare money that they don't know what to do with it. This is very far from the truth and just what Phoney Tony (if he gives a fück at all!) and Two-Shags et al would have the public believe (this is while they're gettin by on their MP salaries and the numerous backhanders they receive that would put Wimbledon to shame with their frequency).

    I'd be really interested to see any links you have about them getting half the year off, though (since this is not what I heard from my firefighter mate). Or is that something you just "heard on the new"s or "read in the papers"?

  14. Cheeky fcuking militants.

  15. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I cant disagree with you there!

    Good old FBU! Hail Comrade! (or Bruvver as they say....)