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After the war.

I saw some of Clint's film about Iwo Jima last night.I got around to thinking about the dead bodies and kit that was destroyed and left on the beach.Who collected the bodies? did the locals take away the armour for scrap?
Iwo jima became a Japanese defence force base after the war and the local population was not allowed to return, the Japanese dead were bulldosed into shell holes and a runway constructed over them. The dead in the underground bunkers were left and the bunkers sealed, but in recent years these have been opened up and the bodies cremated and the ashes returned to the familys, in the book there is a whole chapter about "Walking on the dead", and there are still 13000 missing including General Kuribayshi
I caught a bit of it before I hauled my old ass off to bed. It was the bit where they are blowing themselves up with grenades because they were told to stay till they were dead. Talk about following orders to the letter,
Not killed in combat? Then hug a grenade. Crazy sh*t.
llech said:
Wasn't Flanders only cleared in 1922? That said tractors ploughing still unearth tons of munitions every year.
True,you see the iron harvest all over France and Belgum.There still one or two mines burried that are too unsable to recover or have failed to go off and then been "lost" 8O

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