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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by hull_lad, Nov 12, 2008.

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  1. I am very keen on joining an infantry regiment, preferably the paras, as a regular soldier. However, I am concerned about the long term effects of joining the infantry i.e. whats available when I leave. Does anybody know what jobs are popular with infantry soldiers when leaving the army?
  2. Varies depending on the person, but most who leave do so to become Civvys!
  3. You won't have a specialist trade as such, unless you look into private security after leaving.

    However being ex forces always looks good on your CV and theres plenty of chances for you to further your education within the Army, learn man management skills plus resettlement upon leaving where you can pick up a trade then.

    Hope this helps.
  4. You can also get NVQs if you go to a support platoon such as Signals get nvqs in telecommunications. If the regiment you join has a pioneer platoon you can do stuff like sign writing and that, sort of stuff.

    And as has already been said you can do stuff in your own time at one of the many education centers dotted about the place.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    If you enjoy working in the outdoors then a spell as a grunt followed by a stint at agricultural college will set you up for a life in tree surgery or gamekeeping, blacksmithing etc.
  6. defence consultant , armed combat consultant etc . my step dad does it now...was one of the consultants to itv when they were making one of the series of ultimate force... exactly why they asked a parachute regiment bloke i dunno. personal guard etc... when my step dad first left the army he went into like armed bodyguard stuff for u.k m.p`s and high dignitorys when they visited hostile areas.
  7. When i joined i didn't think that far ahead

    How old are you 18/19?

    if you did 6 years you would be still 23 when you get out..

    still a kid!!

    Young enough to start again with a better understanding of life - man management - leadership - teamwork - and a sense of well being and confidence about yourself.

    They will never be able to take the experiences you have from the Infantry off you.. they'll be stored in your head forever...

    If you apply yourself you'll gain rank which has it's responsibilities which in turn can open all sorts of Doors

    Go for it..

    (this was a party political broadcast on behalf of the Infanteers!!)
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I joined at 16 and left at 23 having had some great and some rough moments, I would do it again if I was the same age! I would also use learning credits to get me a place in an agricultural college, tied housing on estates can be a bit like army life but its better than commuting!
  9. Not Very Qualified?!?! ;)

    More importantly, what are you doing??!! Get on stag!
  10. I thought protection for official visits and dignitaries thought to require it by the FCO was conducted by the RMP Close Protection Unit?
  11. I did almost 12 years in the Infantry. I have never had any problems getting work and the worst wage I had when I left was 23k per annum (although not great - it wasn't a bad start for no qualifications). I now earn nearly double that and I was only ever a JNCO, because I'd rather do adventure training courses than command courses!

    My advice is to study with the Open University and gain a degree (if you are equipped mentally to do so) OR use every facility available to you to gain Adventure Training Qualifications (and make sure you gain the civvy equivalent) or study courses available through the Education Centre.

    Get everything you can while its free. In civvy street you will pay a fortune to study the same.

    N.B. NVQ's are worth nothing in civvy street. I'd also avoid the Close Protection Industry as it is currently very swamped with personnel.
  12. very swamped but very good pay.... yes in essence you are a rent-a-solider as my step dad calls it but he always still being offered work doing it. but he is knocking on now he enjoys the easy life now has a huge pension from his years in army. after doing consultancy work he has went into council work which has again gave him another big pension.. he s a crematorium supervisor * nice eh* but as he says...when you join army aged 17 and do 27 years service you carnt just sit at home and do nothing. i guess the years of non-stop day to day army stuff has just made me one of these people who cannot sit down. in a way my step dad is a prime example of what you can get in civvy someone has mentioned civvy buissness`s will look at your c.v and say * o this chaps been in the forces he is going to be a decent employee for our company*

    put your mind to it anything can be achieved.
  13. Ive worked with a lot of ex-infantry lads offshore. ex LI, Highlanders,D&D,Irish Gaurds,Para's booties to name a few.
  14. Aha not on guard today (for a change)
  15. Theres only two things for the ex-soldier my boy,death or glory, glory or death. Says so in the scriptures it does laddie.