After the explosion: a widows plea for love and thanks

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 13, 2009.

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  1. After the explosion: a widow's plea for love and thanks for Britain's soldiers
    Staff Sergeant Olaf Schmid died in Afghanistan last month. His wife talks of her loss and shares his harrowing letters home

    Steven Morris, Friday 13 November 2009 20.14 GMT

    She had never had the nightmare before. Her husband, Olaf "Oz" Schmid, one of the army's most respected bomb disposal experts, appeared in her dream clearly in serious trouble. "He was saying: 'I need some help, help me.' It was weird."

    Next morning Christina Schmid woke up with a horrible feeling. She gave her five-year-old son, Laird, his breakfast, went into the garden and sobbed. "I had such a sense of dread. I'd never had that all tour," she said.

    Later, she said, Laird looked out of the bedroom window, saw two men in military headgear and told her: "It's Daddy, Daddy's home."

    She told him it was not his dad and yelled down to the men. "Just tell me he's lost all his arms and legs but he can still talk to me now. Can I talk to him please? They said: 'You need to come down.' I knew he was dead."
  2. Despite the articles seriousness this made me smile.

  3. "Poncey side"

    I hope the loved ones and families of officers who have been killed can smile at that as well.
  4. Oh well better not ever say anything bad about officers/TA/RAF every again just in case you decide to bring up the fact that they have died on operations as well.
  5. All I said was, I hope that they can smile at it as well.
  6. As an LE, I cn well understand the sentiment. I chose to go down this route, many of my mates didn't, for the very same reason expressed above. So yes, alot of guys who don't go for their commision see it as 'poncey', and those who do 'go for it', don't lose any sleep over it.
  7. A very, very, brave lady.

    Her courage and dignity are beyond words.

    She is an exemplar to us all.
  8. Reading that, I can picture his excited face. I sometimes have trouble putting military deaths into context, but that certainly brings it home...