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Talking to a mate today he mentioned he was going to get a back issue of ‘After the Battle’ magazine advertised on eBay, but reconsidered when the price got around £6. He was a bit taken back when I told him he could get a copy straight from the publishers for £3.95 and 80p postage, (UK and BFPO), or collect London, West End, from Motorbooks.

If interested visit After the Battle and have a click around. :thumright:

They sell them in the Military/War section of Foiles on the Charing cross Rd as well
great magazine been collecting scince issue 1..know the editor as well as having been in two issues..there are a couple of new books out as well just in time for xmas...
Theres a good article in one about an incedent that happend a few hundread maters from my house were a black GI was shot dead by MP's and his unit had a bit of a barney stil some buildings remaining from it
Is that the same incident they made a docu about brett?

pup, you going to give us a hint what the inclusions were about?

issue 71 off the top of my head,,picture of gun barrels at bottom of cliff in jersey. on cover,article about my first museum.--the other edition is about pictures of the destruction of the site of the armistice in france ,,cant remeb the edition no now ill have to try and dig the edition out and get back to you..
No.9 said:
Is that the same incident they made a docu about brett?
Might have been a documentry on it before my time one of the local pubs has the article framed on the wall its in the one were they have the Mussolini rescure on the front cover
Thanks pup, you’ll have all the readers thumbing through their collection. Re Channel Islands, often wonder why they did Op Ambassador, Guernsey, as it wasn’t exactly ‘remarkable’?

Thanks for the additional bretta. ATB often coincide features around the release/screening of docu’s etc, so it’s possible. Have to keep an eye out for a re-run on UK History or one of the terrestrials.

my uncle lived on gurnsey through the war..claim to faime he was mged on the lifeboat once..whilst trying to leg it....he also was on one of the commeration stamps issued a few years back....
evening,there is infact a complete book from atb, called the channel islands....very good read,covers all of the islands.-there are also more articles in various editions covering the c.i.
And soir bon à vous. Thank you for the pointer, indeed they do with a hefty tag of £27 sobs! :eek: Still, I've found a fine copy on the net for a tenner and it is so ordered. :D

I have a few books on the CI including one by an unhappy resident of Jersey who quotes Churchill's "fight them on the beaches" speach and adds "except the CI", and another being the diary of a lady on Sark. Interesting notes on the infamous SSRF raid.

Thanks again.

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