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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by rooey, Jun 5, 2009.

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  1. i passed selection last thursday and my army careers bloke phoned me also last week to congratulate me on passing and told me he would try and allicate me a place.well it is now a week later and still no confirmed date or anything! anybody know what i should do??
  2. Your start date will be in about 3-9 months time so no rush.
  3. You could give them a call aye, i got a call within days after passing selection though, dont worry im sure they haven't forgotten about you.
  4. Im with Phazon, it took 6 months for me to start phase 1 after selection...
  5. Saying that I did recieve a date the day I got back....
  6. yeah, probably wouldn't hurt to pay them a visit or give them a call if that would ease your mind :)
  7. A couple of days after selection I gave my recruiter a call, he checked my notes and then immediatly phoned the allocations office to book my place on phase one. It only takes them a single phone call to book you onto phase one training so give him a call a remind him.
  8. what you going for adult or juniors? either way give your AFCO a call show them you are keen
  9. i passed selection last friday and by monday had my date to start basic training.
    id ring them up again. i had to.
  10. if it was that simple every person would have a date, there is one person that allocates people to jobs down at Headquarters recruiting (it doesnt need anymore than that and she is fantastic at her job), but if she is away for a couple of days no amount of phone calls is going to help ;)

    to start with, allocations are taken from a training intake plot and vacancies are allocated as soon as they become available, not everyone gets a date straight away because sometimes there just arent any vacancies in the coming months.

    also, and just to throw another point that is completely missed by people on here, just because you pass selection it doesnt mean you will get an early vacancy, everyone is given a grade at selection, A's and B's will get the first chance of an allocation because they are deemed as ready for training, C grades and below get allocated when they can ;)

    Don't worry about it, you wont get forgotten by your recruiter, he has a target to meet and as much as you want to get into training he wants to put you down as an enlistment ;)
  11. yeah i got a b grade
  12. No need to moan mate, I passed selection on April 24th. Went immediatly to AFCO expecting to walk in telling them I had passed, and walk out with a start date.

    Didnt happen.

    All I know is I have my Oath of Allegiance on the 18th of Sept, and I will get a letter between now and then giving me information

    Nothing happens over night, think of the other thousands of people who are also waiting.

    Then think of the other thousands of people who had their dreams of being in the British Army shattered through medicals etc...

    You have been accepted, you just have to wait to start, some people cant do that
  13. Just use the time to improve your phys and ironing skills.