After Pub Sarnies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. In all my years of devoted research into the subject of coming in late from the pub with an appetite that demands a post pub sarnie I feel qualified to say that they generally fall into two main catagories Type I and Type II.

    Type I is normally associated with the fact that the present Mrs Diehard57 has completed the 'weekly big shop' within the last 48 hours. Thus ensuring an ample supply and a wide range of choice - fresh white and brown breads, soft and crusty rolls, ciabattas, naans and wraps. The SMEG is full to the gunwhales with various cooked meats - hams, salamis, roast beef and cooked chicken, not to mention a selection of fine cheeses and a nice line in salad garnishes and dressings.

    Type II on the other hand normally occurs midweek when the kitchen has taken on a decidely faminous appearance. A few slices of stale bread in the bread bin, no fresh meats - just a small bit of mouldy mousetrap cheddar in the fridge. This leads to a little bit of infantry initiative to rustle up a tasty snack - you know the sort of thing - a tin of pilchards glazed with bovril on toast type affair or tinned peaches in broewn sauce on a stale garlic and coriander mini naan.

    In the cause of furthering my research - is what is the worst post-pub sarnie you have concoted out of limited resources?
  2. Toothpaste and kettle chips cos' everything else had gone off
  3. Salt and vinegar crisps dipped in a mug of instant gravy, with black pepper and Worcestershire sauce stirred in.
  4. Tangerines and Kidney Beans

    Hey ! I am a poet, and I didn't even realise.
  5. Normally its when there's no savoury left and you're left making jam butties. Its just not right and so disappointing :cry:

    As a side bar to this what are people's views on cheese and marmite?
    Or toasted corned beef?

    Great :roll: now I've got the munchies!
  6. I feel bound to point out that 'a wide selection of meats and salamis' and all your posh ciabattas or naans are all very well and good BUT...
    to favour them over the holy Egg Banjo is nothing short of sacriliege.
  7. Pasta mixed with bread and Gin in a pan put into a pitta bread. Didnt taste too great but did the trick.
  8. Please dont make this into another Marmite thread :cry:

    Toasted corned beef and onion yum not sure if I can do it whilst pis*sed though :?
  9. Came in not long ago ,blazing, ranting about watching sharpe. Tried to makea peanut and jelly sandwich (the septics eat them they must be good). Ended up with a jam and pistachio nuts sandwich. Watched sharpes waterloo for ten mins, sang o'er the hills and then fell asleep. :roll: :roll: also made a hell of a mess of the kitchen, Jammy, CSI style had prints over the fridge door and floor certainly baffled the flatmate.
  10. There is only one sandwhich in a crisis;

    The Egg Banjo.

    Food of the Gods, Sustainer of Empires, Stainer of Shirts.
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Chicken Chili Tikka Masala & Mushroom Pilau wrap. But you have to double up on the wraps unless it'll disintigrate... (well,my ring did the next day......)

  12. That'd be Peanut BUTTER and jelly sandwich
  13. As explained in original post, was feeling slightly under the weather, happy to report I scoffed the majority and I didn't see it again until the next morning. :puker::toilet: Pistachio nuts are painful coming back up.
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Jst be glad they aint coming out the other end!!! 8O
  15. Jam sarnies or ham and colemans mustard (the strength/texture/overall quality of the mustard depends upon how much I've had to drink)