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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by conure, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. conure

    conure Old-Salt

    When I finish phase 1, do I get weekends off? I'll be in catterick and wanting to visit my girlfriend in cambridge a fair bit, would I be totally wrong in thinking every few weekends I could leave on a friday evening and return sunday evening?

    Thanks for the info, in advance..
  2. You will get weekends off but you're probably best in binning her before you join up! The relationship won't last with you being away most of the times even if you do think you'll keep the relationship going. Trust me on this!!
  3. conure

    conure Old-Salt

    alright, thanks for the advice but i'm going to try anyway
  4. pomps

    pomps LE

    Binning is the way forward!
    But you could always try to keep it on tap for later!
  5. Scorpion

    Scorpion Crow

    Post deleted again. Scorpion, stop posting crap or your posts will continue to disappear.

  6. Steamywindow

    Steamywindow War Hero

    Keep her as long as you can. Your pods will be like space-hoppers after basic - wnaking just ain't the same.

    Bin her after they're empty.

    (all content is Copyright to the Steamywindow sensitive relationship mentoring service)
  7. sniper9

    sniper9 Old-Salt

    have to disagree, keep hold of her for when you have leave and get a full on spunk dump in catterick, there are loads, try louis's
  8. Hat20

    Hat20 LE

    Now that is as sound advice as your going to get!!! well said sniper!