After phase 1....Potential Ammo Tech

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rugby_Mad, Jul 30, 2008.

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  1. Rugby_Mad

    Rugby_Mad Swinger

    Just wondering if anyone knew what a potential ammo tech wud do after phase 1, but awaiting the Ammunition Technician Seclection Board?

    I'll be due to pass out of basic in mid january (god willing) and was told during the ATCAB that the next selection board will be March. So What will I be doing for the best part of 2 months?

    Any replies much appreicated.
  2. Barrier Technician???
  3. CH512O

    CH512O LE

    Deployable Accomadation Erector?
  4. Practice your spelling if I were you!
  5. strima

    strima LE

    Area tidiness technician!!!
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Other tasks as directed by your superiors.
  7. ex-pat-matt

    ex-pat-matt Swinger

    Do ATs from basic not need to do a secondary trade? I.e, SUP SPEC etc?

    Im sure you have to go to Deepcut for trade training before you ship off to Kineton.
  8. depot_donkey

    depot_donkey Old-Salt

    You'll be at Deepcut getting fucked about!
  9. geordie_g

    geordie_g War Hero

    Go to deepcut for a one week induction course on the history of your corps. Then sat lazing around [perhaps not] attached to an ammunition unit until the board comes around. During this time i believe they will get you a driving licence to drive cars.

    If you are unsucessfull they will offer you other oppertunities within the RLC, if sucessfull you start your 5 weeks at the school of science. Then 20 weeks at the School of ammunition. After which you go to hull to learn to drive with a trailer.

    Or at least thats what the sheet in front of me is saying.