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Hello there i passed selection on 18th feb at pibright for RA LIGHT GUNNER with a good report. I phoned my career adviser the next day and he said he would ring me when the army give him a start date for me for pirbright. Been nearly 2 months now and i aint herd nothing is this normal ?. How long did you wait?.Would like to know so i can plan things around it like a last boys holiday would ring them but dont want to wast there time with them just sayin we be in touch like before.Should i wait till after easter them give them a ring?.

Thanks for your time just getting a bit bord now waiting about since i started this process back in early september want in asap now cant wait.
I'd suggest you'd give him a ring tomorrow and ask for an update?

Personally I waited just over a week for my date.


i passed selection 26th feb and heard about a week later that RA were full up until august at the earliest.

changed job choice and go next week


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As has just been mentioned, lots of job vacancies have been swallowed up already, your recruiter will want you in as quick as possible and whilst he may have a date for you, it may be months away and rather than ring you to let you know he could be working behind the scenes to see if he can get you an earlier one (which is rare but does happen).

Because recruitment in the forces never stops we are faced with a problem whereby vacancies are plotted and forecast from April 1st through to March 31st each year in line with the financial year, however an applicant that joins the system towards the latter end of the year may find that all the vacancies have been taken and is then forced to wait until then new vacancies are made available from the next year, and in turn they are allocated a space.

The result of that is a snowball effect and we end up running out of vacancies for the beginning of the recruiting year rapidly as we get rid of last years applicants.

And there you have it, a victim of our success in most cases, and also a victim of a lack of cash, facilites, resources and manpower which stops us giving you a job quicker ;)
As people in the know, what are the 5 quickest ways in and 5 longest as a soldier?

What is needed and what is not so needed basically.

I know boots on the ground will be top but i expect that.


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hmmm difficult to say as vacancies and the recruit allocation plan are discussed monthly and specifically forecast from the phase 2 training vacancies (the idea being is that the wait between phases should be minimal).

So if a Cap badge throws up extra phase 2 vacancies and a phase 1 intake hasnt got enough of a certain cap badge allocated to it, then them spaces will be offered to another badge to allow them to fill the phase 2 spaces.

Generally the more technical and the more sought after jobs will have longer waits, also the smaller the Regiments or Corps then the fewer vacancies :)

So how long is a piece of string?, but even Infantry vacancies for certain cap badges are limited dependant on how well that Regiment has been marketed and recruited.


Mate defo give him a call and chase it up, i would ring up and if the person on the phone said my recruiter was busy, i would nip into town and ask to see him. I would just say i was walking around town so i thought i'd pop in just incase you got the dates through. Keep pestering mate, in a way its good because your keen. But i also no these recruiters are busy blokes.


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LukeyP said:
i got mine after a week but i had to phone three times and nag them.....

nag them?

Do you not think as recruiters who have targets to meet they arent going to ring you to let you know?

The biggest annoyance is people ringing up asking how long it will be before they start training, the simple answer is dont bother ringing because as soon as we get notified of a job for you, we have to tell you! :D

By ringing up pestering the recruiter you are actually dragging them away from recruiting others, if you havent been told then 99% of the time its because they are still waiting to hear themselves.


Yea it is normal I waited 6 months to go to selection passed that on the 26th of Feb and was told next day that I am going into basic on the 19th of April!!!

from my experiences phoning your AFCO nagging at them doesn't work they have very busy schedules and can get flooded with applicants in these hard times.
but believe me if they didnt want you or anything they would have told you straight away.
I hope you get your dates ASAP

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