After Hamas and al-Dhari...who will be next?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by NEO_CON, Mar 22, 2006.

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  2. I don't know if you can conclude all this....
    ...from just the two articles he's mentioned. No doubt the Russians do have economic interests in Iraq but that blog is extrapolating a lot from very little data. Plus he goes off on an anti-Russian rant in the second half of the post.

    I'd stay away from those blogs if I were you Neo-Con!!! The blog doesn't even say anything about the author or authors?

  3. Thank you Peter!

    It appears that Russian diplomacy is active in Iraq. Nothing wrong with it?

    I know one (almost) a victim of a famine - mr.Abramovitch (look at his unshaved face). As for 'rich countries' then they would prefer not to risk their arses.

    I suppose that 'Mohammed' would like at least Russian women.
  4. How is it going Sergey.

    I thought this quote was interesting and the title.

    As the title suggested this follows after Hamas was invited to Moscow.
    I was watching a Senate hearing on TV(A news clip). One member of the panel of experts Dennis Ross( Always worth listing to) was suspicious of Why Russia invited Hamas to Moscow. He concluded by the length of the meeting and the statement issued afterwords the objectives he considered important were not being helped by the Russians inviting Hamas to Moscow. Mohammed has come to the same conclusions about the Russians in Iraq.
    Maybe he is a hasty in his conclusions as to what are their intention. He does ask the question who next.

    Just Remember Sergey it not Russians that are disliked its their policies.
  5. Peter! And average Russian likes the Americans but many dislike American policy.

    Personally I hear about him first time. But it appears that he is indeed a prominent representative of Sunnis in Iraq. I don't see anything wrong with his visit in Moscow.

    So 'Mohammed' is not right. Moscow is visited by Iraqi officials as well.
  6. Good god!!! A wrong-wing blog actually accepting that Iraq has been screwed up!!! It's taken 3 years, but at last they're starting to see what is so painfully obvious to everyone else... :wink:

    Thank you neo_com for the insight.

    Maybe somebody has read my signature.... :)