After flying pigs - Dave the Chameleon.

Quote from the above link:

"Of course there is a positive message. But it is also true that we are not prepared to allow David Cameron to get away with the strategy that he is pursuing, which is to say one thing to one audience and another thing to another."

interesting from Phil Woollyarse dont you think? Bliar has been doing doing it since he won the leadership, or is that saying one thing and doing another?

Adding this watching PMQ and Bliar still cannot give an answer.
I pointed this out on another thread but just for balance.

Anyone see the similarity between dave the chameleon and the two selling hubba bubba to the kids?

It is an insult to the voters.
What a bunch of TOSSERS! I have just visited the Davethe chsameleon website for sh1ts an' giggles. I tried to download the "Daves TV debut" movie and guess what?!

It is an a format that can only be viewed with Apple technology! it is an format!My wife is in stitches about this! She is a professional web designer with her own business.

Quote "Well that just shows how bad the design of that site is, if a free download cannot be viewed by all types of players then it is because they are all lefties who only use apple because they hate microsoft and successful capitalist business."

For furthrt proof watch the Sucky-up-to-labour BBC news and they wll all be using Apple notebooks, why? because they hate microsoft and love labour and are a bunchof lefties!

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