After black Tankie overalls

Can any one help or point me in the right direction.....

I am after a set of the black Tankie overalls, I'm no longer serving so i dont have inroads into a set that way. I cant seem to find any listed on the usual surplus stores online etc......

Any one have a spare set or can lay thier hands on a set ??? to fit 5'8" 42" chest. Just after a set for working on the Landy & saveing whats left of my clothes getting oiled up & freeking the wife out :D
we know you really want them for kinky balcony sex games :D
I just typed "mechanic overalls" into "search" on eBay. There's a selection on there, which would suffice for workng on a vehicle. There are some military-type ones, if that's what you want.

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