After an estate car 5k budget


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Stay away from the late Saab’s. Utter crap compared to the earlier ones…..

I bought a Berlingo for £600 and spent 4 years taking the dogs around and not giving any fecks about it till it finally died…


Been mentioned twice but I’ll do a third. Volvo V70. I’ve had a 2003 2.5T petrol for ten years now and don’t see me binning it for a long time yet. If you’re doing big miles then the obvious choice is the diesel version because my petrol one gives 30mpg.

I’ve done the timing belt twice and normal consumables. Other fixes include clutch master cylinder, valve timing gear( it was pissing oil), front wishbones several times (now polybushed and fixed), set of front and rear discs, nothing worthy of too much panic.

Thoroughly recommend them.

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Bit smaller but my 2010 volvo v50 estate carries two blokes and their fishing gear for a week, or two kayaks on the roof plus camping gear. 60mpg and £24 tax, never hoovered out but might wash it this year. Think it was only £3600.


Right lads, I'm after an estate car, A6, skoda Octavia type size. Budget of 5k.

Tried Used cars of Cardiff. Jesus H Christ, shady as feck, I could have been in downtown Kabul, all it needed was a campfire and a few Ak's lying around, I'm not giving my hard earned money to the Taliban thank you very much!

To that end, anyone know of a decent estate car that isn't going to shit itself or a reputable small garage within an hours drive of Newport, South Wales?
How soon do you need it?

Would you consider a Lexus RX400? It's not an estate but has shitloads of boot space.


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Off the wall choice would be an Suabru outback, if you are not fussed about fuel the 3.0 chain drive flat 6 version does 30mpg average, I have had these for the last 10 years and they run like clockwork, go anywhere and are nice with all the toys inside (full leather, electric everything), use mine for fishing and shooting too, including towing a fishing boat, brilliant bit of kit.

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