After AFC Harrogate?

How long is phase 2 training for The Paras after AFC Harrogate? What does it involve? How long do you get before you start phase 2? How long do you get tom build up for P Company?


13 weeks at ITC Catterick after the original 42 at AFC Harrogate.

Parachute Regiment Army Foundation College (Harrogate)
For this course recruits arrive at the Army Foundation College at Harrogate, aged 17 and undertake 42 weeks training (3 terms of 14 weeks) focusing on leadership and personal development. The syllabus used on the course is aimed at developing both military and academic skills. On completion recruits then attend a 13 week 'special to arms' course at Catterick. This course is slightly different.
Week 1 - 3
Introduction, issue of kit, rifle lessons, rifle ranges, PT, drill.
Week 4
First aid, nuclear biological and chemical (NBC) training, map reading.
Week 5 - 6
Tactical exercise, signals training.
Week 7 - 8
Tactical patrolling exercise, NBC, first aid and drill.
Week 9 - 10Pre Parachute Selection - P Company (5 days).
Week 11 - 13
Battle shooting camp, live firing exercise, pass out parade.


From the DVD/Infomation pack you can get from the Para Reg Recruitment team. Drop them an e-mail with your address and ask them nicely to send you one and you should get one in the post within a week or so.
Your AFCO/ACIO will probaly have some aswell so you might as well ask on your next visit down there.

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