After a name - 2RTR early 80s

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Straight to the point – I’m after the name of a soldier that died whilst attached to 2RTR (Fallingbostel) in the early eighties.

The soldier was a young, good looking, blond headed cook attached to 2RTR.

The circumstances of his death where suspect and details where never released (cover-up)

Please PM me with any information and I’ll explain the rational behind my request.
Knew some of the slop jockeys from then tried their best to knock off some of us in suspicious circumstances.....
pupgreen said:
did he die whilst tasting his own soup...
That sounds like a thread MDN would start!
I ‚m not a journo. I was serving in Fally at the same time and vaguely knew the cook. I’ve forgotten his name and need to contact his family – with info about the circumstances of his death.
then get in touch with RHQ RTR at bovington and they ,,,may ,,help..
use the offical rumour service first...


If anyhone wishes to provide ciao with information please PM ciao direct.
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