After a Marching Tune

Good Evening All,

I am trying to find the correct name or a place to download a British Military Marching tune.

I think it was used in the Film "Waterloo" and "Stand up Virgin Soldiers"

It think it is called, "Lilly Balero" or something similar.

Any help would be appreciated.


smudge67 said:
Lilly Bolero is the REME corps marching tune.

It's here under the corps quick march download:
BBC World Service plays that before hourly news bulletins (used to be a brass arrangement but sometime over the last 15-20 years changed to a softer less militaristic string arrangement so as not to offend Al Qaeda or North Korea) Edit: just had a quick listen to World Service on the internet and they seem to have dropped it completely now.

Halfway through the REME march it changes to a French march called I think "Apres de ma Blonde". Why?
And for those on here old enough to remember, it was played by the BBC during WW2 right after the 9pm news, to introduce the feature 'Into Battle'.


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