After 22 years ?


If you need to ask then I guess you don't have to worry about it for the foreseeable future. See how you feel when you have the 22 under your belt.


There are some corps which offer 5 years continual service depending if your own regiment requires to retain your services. Im not sure if the 22year point is within the bracket, unless you want to join the MPGS?
cul8rm8 said:
I have done my 22years as of 21 September 2006. I want to do more, can I ??

Yes you can.

Ok you need to fill the in right forms, get it counter signed by your boss etc etc but it can be done. I did 1 year 8 months and 4 days over my 22 before I got royally pissed around and left.

BTW don't ask me what the forms are called, I just signed the things.


I finished 22 years earlier this year. Last year I was asked if I would like to go on to a "S" type contract. Thought about it and said "Thanks, but no thanks" wish I had said yes now!!


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It is a very leadign question with little to go on. If you your 22 ws up 21 Sep 06 that would imply you are already out and now drawing your pension, had your lump sum etc. In that situation its not continuance or such you are after, but re-engagement or perhaps an NRPS/MPGS job. Some (but very few) trades are taking people back on after 22 years, but it seems to me you want to be looking at NRPS jobs etc. You would need to provide more info to get advice on where to go next


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Most guys in the Signals do 2 or 3 years continuance. The only thing with this is you cant get promoted (but I heard that may change). Also the versatile engagement is soon to be upon us and that could take us up to 55 yrs like the RAF.

Remember that you do lose money when you go past yr 22!! Intersted, then take in tthese facts. Take a WO2 at his 22 yr point. He would get 11k per annum immediate pension. If you do 24 years do the MOD give you the 22k they did not pay you, do they fck! The do add to your overall pension but not 22k worth! So, IMHO, if your a SSgt/WO, UK based and not using the boarding school allowance then you salary will go from 32k PA to 21k PA as you wont be in receipt of your immediate pension. Well a HGV driver earns 21k so combine that with your pension and your on the same salary as if you were on continuance - minus the hassle.

Personally I would rather cut my arm off with a spoon than take continuance - 22 years is a looong time in the same job!

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