After 14 weeks training?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Coupe220, Feb 21, 2009.

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  1. After the initial 14 weeks training you get a bit of leave, generally how long is it?

  2. From what i've heard from mates that have passed out - it's generally 2 weeks.
    This will surely depend on when your phase 2 trade course starts, could be less than 2 could be slightly more , but it's the general rule of thumb.

    Syn :)
  3. Depends when your phase 2 course starts, I got a week, some people get two weeks then spend a little while in holding at their phase 2 establishment. The AAC blokes I passed out with had to be at Middle Wallop on the Monday after passout!

    Little word of advice, I wouldnt bug your phase 1 DS this!
  4. You do get leave, I think about 2 weeks? Not completely sure.
  5. lol, dont wanna bug anyone with it, just being hassled by people about going on holiday and wouldnt mind a week somewhere nice after passing out, wont book anything just in case
  6. mate when i passed out a few years ago i passed out on the thursday i think and had to be at phase 2 on the sunday.

    Dont book fook all
  7. sensible advice, the Army will not give one iota of a shit. This happened to someone I know!, I had limited sympathy!