After 12yrs what do I get??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by extankie, Nov 3, 2004.

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  1. I'm leaving the Army after 12yrs colour service, I had a printout from admin office as follows:
    Annual preserved pension £4049.16
    Presereved terminal grant £12147.48
    Resettlement grant £8433.00

    Am I correct in understanding these are paid out when I'm 60 less the resettlement grant? Also do I get a payout when I leave? I was always led to believe I got a lumpsum payout, even after twelve yrs.
    Our pay Sgt informed me that the terminal grant is what I get paid, but now I'm not so sure. Can someone please help, as I dont want to sign off if I have nothing coming my way when I leave.
    I have been a cpl for 4yrs and joined in 1990.
  2. You will receive your resettlement grant. Ensure your pay bod gives you the form to fill in which has instructions as to what bank account it gets paid into. Mine didn't and I had to sign on the dole for 3 weeks whilst my money was sorted out.

    P.S. Buy a house with it. You have the opportunity now, don't blow it like I did (I say blow, but what I really did was get debt free then very, very drunk for a month).
  3. I make the total payout £20580.

    I would strongly suggest you spend £20,000 on women and booze, and just waste the £580.

    Hope this helps.
  4. You just get the Resettlement grant (unless the B@stards fiddled me when I got out!) The rest is payable at age 60, IF YOU ASK FOR IT.
  5. Is the resettlement grant a seperate entitlement to the money you get for resetlement courses. Does anyone know roughly how much you get to spend on courses themselves??
  6. 23C

    23C Clanker

    Hes right! You DO have to bloody ask for it!
  7. Anything you pay out for in terms of resettlement courses comes out of the grant.
  8. So if I was to take a course costing £2000, then I would get the remaining £6344 in my pocket?
  9. Ask for a copy of Your Pension Scheme Explained.

    Page 11:


    If you complete more than 9 years from age 21
    (officers) or 12 years from age 18 (other ranks)
    and leave the service with no other immediate
    benefits, you may qualify for a tax-free lump sum
    to aid your resettlement into civilian life. Your
    pension will be preserved for payment at the age
    of 60.

    If still unsure, contact belwo:

    Army Pensions
    Pay, Pension and
    Personnel Administration
    Armed Forces Personnel
    Administration Agency
    Mail Point 480
    Kentigern House
    65 Brown Street
    Glasgow G2 8EX

    9 4561 3600

    0141 224 3600
  10. Ok thanks. I think I understand what I'm entitiled to, but just to make sure. Is the resettlement grant of £8433 the money I use toward resettlement courses? And any thats left goes in my pocket?
  11. Another day older and deeper in debt?
  12. This is either the AGC shirking their responsibility or you misrepresenting the facts. If the Sgt did tell you that you have a responsibility for ensuring he is either properly re-trained or sacked.

    I suggest you get hold of your Tp Ldr & go with him to discuss this with the FSA, the Det Comd and the RAO. The system appears to be failing you. They are REQUIRED (and are paid & trained) to give you the full information on both the payments you will receive, when you will receive it, and the resettlement package (grants, training cses avail, travel claims for courses etc). What you have requested is very easy - if they cannot tell you clearly or start bluffing then ask for a CO's interview. Tell him the facts, he writes their CRs - & they will rapidly find oout & start telling people the facts and re-introduce the Sqn/Coy briefings that they are supposed to do anyway.

    Christ, no wonder we get letters to Soldier mag about them - this is outrageous. Writing a letter to the RAO requesting facts in writing is always the best COA as they cannot later wriggle out of things.


    PS. Plan on the Resettlement Grant only when you get out, your resettlement expenses are IN ADDITION to this. Anything "preserved" is delayed until you reach 60 (but the amounts will have been indexed linked) If you live that long it will still be worth having - but tell your missus anyway because if you die beforehand she will have a call on it. MOD will not write asking you to claim this money - YOU do need to claim it so make sure a letter is filed away with the important stuff.
  13. Just a small point, but if I am right could be dire: Does the new pension rules mean that instead of age 60 he will have to wait until 65 and that he will be compulsory transferred to the new pension
  14. The Resettlement Grant at 12 Years has got absolutely nothing to do with resettlement.

    It is a Tax Free lump sum to help you 'Re' settle into Civvy Street.

    The money for your resettlement courses is only £534, but on top of that you get your NRSA / DRSA.

    Your pension is preserved until 60, and you get 3 times your annual pension as another Tax Free Lump Sum. But as someone stated, only if you ask the Pensions Office for it - so don't forget!!

    As it stands just now, the preserved pension age is 60 for those under the current scheme. Who knows if it will change in time though. :?
  15. Short answer = NO.