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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Green_Homer, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Can anyone point me in the direction of the up to date requirement for the AFT (TA) please?

    Before anyone starts I'm not wanting to start prompting the whole "walk in the country yadda yadda etc" just having some difficulties with getting an 8 miler done with my unit!

    I've searched armynet and found MATT 2 training manual dated Jan 2012 and it says 6 miles but we were told something around Nov about it going to 8 effective immediately



    *** forgot to add I'm Inf
  2. TA standard is 6 mile with correct weight for arm. 8 miles if mobilised for a tour.
  3. Cheers for the reply but is that once mobilised or as a unit warned for mobilisation though? Got the link?
  4. Why do you need the requirement if you only need to get one signed off? Why not just find out when someone else is running one and ask very nicely if you can tag along?
  5. Because I have done a 6 miler already but apparently this doesn't count anymore due to it going to 8 (apparently) and my unit TM has decreed only CFTs done via battallion will count. He won't even allow it to be done at COY level.

    Trust me I'm trying! Have volunteered to drive virtually anywhere on my own steam as C1 but it is counting for diddly squat :(
  6. he sounds like a right prick. I am out of ideas then - unless you are looking for some kind of DIN which states that he can't not accept an AFT pass with the appropriate sign off from a PTI.
    Is this for bounty qualification?
  7. He is indeed and yes you are pretty much spot on but more along the lines now of something confirming that the 6 miler counts! Thanks for the suggestions anyway, I'm open to any suggestions that can help!

    I'm just quite miffed that we were only told of this 'change' a few months ago and the lack of oppertunities.

    I should declare that we did do one a few weeks ago and I failed (my fault ultimately but no point in boring with details). I accept that if an 8 mile pass is needed then fair enough I have to re-take and pass but there is only 1 more battalion AFT being run and due to work commitments I cannot do it (again pointless with details but in short I cannot change this) :(

    It's not as if it is that difficult to run a AFT (compared to organising an ACMT etc) so this appears to me at least that the TM simply doesn't trust the COYs
  8. If you wanted the gen, just phone the PT school in Aldershot! They find it a little odd that you've called them, but will be able to give you an answer, or equally call the SMI in whichever Bde you belong to, he'll know of any changes. Of course your TM might get a bit shitty at you showing him PT policy.
    I haven't heard it was changing, and even if it was changing in Nov (half way through a Bounty year seems odd....) it hasn't yet, therefore in order to qualify for MATT2 and Bounty for 2011-12 you only need to do 6 miles with weight to CEG (assuming you haven't mobilised, or been warned for mobilisation).
  9. 6 miles for bounty.

    Usually 8 miles if mobilising for Ops, or at the discretion of PSI/OC etc if attempting a course.

    Usually run as a 6+2. Everyone does 6, and can then retire, however anyone doing so is ridiculed as a "fat ****", "jack bastard" or "lazy ****". Squad continues over the final 2 miles.
  10. Just read the TA PT Policy I was sent a few weeks ago by the SMI. Its dated July 2011, but is the most upto date version.
    It states (as Praetorian says above), that the Level 2 (Fit For Appointment) requirement for Infantry under the heading 'vocational fitness (AFT)' is 6 + 2 miles. So you must do the 6 miles, 'On completion of the 6 mile test the Infantry then carry on for a further 2 miles to inform the soldier of his potential'.
    If you are non-Inf then it only states 6 miles.
  11. Cheers for that, that's what I thought we were told. Any chance you can pm it to me at all? More idle curiosity I suppose!

    Ho hum :(
  12. If you PM me an email address I'll send you the whole document!
  13. Done :)

  14. Sent you an e-mail addess as well if I can get the document too.