Africas Starving? No wonder!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by U_K_22, Aug 14, 2006.

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  1. Something you won't see the BBC or Blue Peter crying about:

    worldnetdaily - african report

    Once they kick out or kill all the farmers, there'll no doubt be a massive New Labour Celebrity appeal. Take note Messrs Geldof and Bono!

  2. Yes they are
    I fail to see the relevance of riots in teh US but never miss out on an opportunity for scaremongering.
    In Australia the the difference between "calling for blood" is different to a pogrom.
    the Russians have been fighting for ages, - cant see its link to Africa unless you just dont like non-whites
    In the Balkans and Macedonia it is open season on everyone.

    - Where have all the racists come from on this site???
  3. Please don't direct such allegations at me, thank you.

  4. Am afraid it's not clear who you're quoting Pillager. Can only assume their comment has been deleted. However, I agree that what you have quoted are pointless remarks with no discernable relevance to the original thread.

    However, that's not to say that the events related in Uk 22's post are not truly horrific, regardless of whether someone utilises them to 'support' their own racial agenda.

    I was unaware of such happenings in S Africa and bringing it to people's attention can only be a good thing.

    If anyone wishes to protest about the killings of farmers and supporters of the opposition party in Zimbabwe by the ruling Zanu PF party, they may like to show their support by signing the petition at the vigil held every saturday outside Zimbabwe House on the Strand.
  5. My quote is the last paragraph of the article posted.
    Traditionally the paragraph reserved for the "conclusion"

    It would appear that either the original poster or yourself did not read the article. For all of the valid and abhorrent revelations in the article the authors conclusions seem to divert all attention from the matter at hand to a borad sweep against everyone of a non WASP origin.
  7. It seems he didnt read the article - I wouldnt expect so!
  8. I hold my hands up Pill, and blame it on being ill today.

    I agree with your comments on the conclusion. They are a bit rabid.
    I still stand by what I said about me not being aware that this was going on, but then our news is very selective. Thankfully, I have the internet :)
  9. Killing of white farmers is still ongoing, but sadly the crime rate against them is nothing compared to the murder rates in Jo'burg or Durban or Cape Town or Etc...

    The Government of RSA has announced that a number of white farmers have 6 months to sell their land or be evicted. The problem is that the land needs to redistributed to redress the injustices of Apartied and the Xhosa, Bantu, Zulu, etc want 'their' land back (without paying for it, natch) and the Government cannot afford to buy the land at anything near market rates.

    The problem still remains with the return of land: it spells disaster for the production of food. For some reason (idealogical, tribal, mental, financial and stupidity and corruption) the southern african blacks seem unable to do anything else except subsistence farming. Not too good when you have a large urban population and no oil money to pay for imports.
  10. Even if it weren't for the fact that the land would be utterly unproductive, "correcting" a centuries old evil with a modern evil is just not right, and falls well within the saying "two wrongs don't make a right".

    In reality, doing this makes everyone a loser.
  11. [/quote]

    Marxist MY ARRSE!

    If it were truly marxist, there would not be one single afrikaaner left in the country owning as much as pot to piss in!
  12. walt_of_the_walts,

    What shite thay spout.

    It took uncle Bob Oh sorry Comrade Bob (trained by the Chinese and a confessed Marxist) a full 20 years to start the pogroms against the remaining 60 000 whites.

    Now Bobs so deep in the smelly he print his own wonga to give the masses nothing to spend 80% unemployed and every ZANU official making money hand over fist using forex. Just a few years or his death until the implosion.

    Bobs way out? Sell the country to anybody with cash if they ain’t white (or are white and can hide it real well) so

    So the Chinese give the Zimbos 3 passenger aircraft , which don’t work but now have the rights to the Chrome, Gold, Uranium(tiny amounts of).

    So who cares if SA goes the same way...?

    Well as a wake up call SA did have a working nuclear bomb? Or was that bombs (six of them in fact).

    Funnily enough built with the help of the Israelites see the Vela Incident.

    So 10 years time SA is in the shite, not got too much food or money or, well bit like Zimbo today.

    What could they give to a 3rd party with a few million barrels of oil or cash?

    They did dismantle 6 nukes but what did they do the with bits? and if the bits are gone who has the patterns for the new ones?

    You make your call?
  13. Johannesburg (AND)

    South Africa's minister of agriculture and land affairs has warned certain white farmers that their land could be seized if they do not sell their properties within six months.

    Lulu Xingwana, South Africa's minister of agriculture and land affairs, has warned white farmers that the government will seize their properties under the land restitution programme if they fail to agree on a selling price within six months.

    The programme aims to undo the injustices of South Africa's past in which blacks were forcibly removed from their land under apartheid law. Land claimants are either offered the land, or can receive financial compensation for the property.

    The South African government set a goal of returning at least 30% of commerical farmland in the country - currently in the hands of whites - to black farmers by 2014.

    The sometimes heated land reform process has however come under fire from both land owners and land claimants. Land owners claim they are not offered market value for their property, and often dispute the validity of the land claim, whilst land claimants say the process is cumbersome and slow.

    To date, only about 4% of land has been transferred to black farmers, and the new deadline set by government is certainly an effort to combat the timely process of price negotiations.

    Xingwana reiterated this by saying that price negotiations was one of the biggest factors slowing the restitution process down.

    "We are now going to negotiate for six months - no more, no less," said Xingwana.

    The minister was speaking at a press briefing in South Africa's agricultural heartland, the Limpopo province, where 99.8% of the land in the province has been claimed. The figure puts the land restitution process into perspective, and indicates the difficulty of the task the South African government is facing.

    In order to claim land, black South African's had to submit claim forms before the end of 1998. Whilst 4% of the land claims have been dealt with, the majority are still waiting for their claims to be processed before the negotiation process can even begin. Some have been waiting for close to a decade for their ancestoral land.

    Critics of the land claims process disagree not with the transferring of land to black farmers, but with the state of neglect that many of the farms fall into after claiming. The Limpopo province is home to citrus, timber, avocado, litchi and mango farming, amongst others, and is South Africa's biggest agricultural producer. However, experienced farmers are a must when running a commercial farm that exports fruits for the international market.

    Many black farmers do not have the experience, and the farms slides from a once very prosperous business venture into disrepute.

    Governement has recognised that a transfer of skills in necessary, and white farmers can now enter into joint venture (JV) contracts with black farmers in an effort to teach all that is necessary for the successful utilisation of the farm.

    The South African government was also very quick to dismiss comparisons between Zimbabwe and South Africa, where a similar land reform process plunged the country into economic meltdown.

    Xingwana stressed that the seizure of land would only be used as a last resort in the land claims process, and that land owners could still appeal the decision in a court of law.

    Johannesburg Bureau, AND Network
  14. This world needs a healthy dose of British imperialism to unf**k it :twisted:

    Hand me my redcoat , those fuzzie wuzzies dont like it up 'em Mr Mainwaring
  15. land was stolen off the blacks and they were treated like shite fact :evil:
    handing over a commerical farms to people who can't run it can't get credit etc etc isnt going to help :(
    did'nt work in zim
    although exporting cash crops when people in your own country are relying on imported food aid is bonkers.
    but then if the eu imports dumped food at below cost theres no place for the small scale farmer.
    think the bits for the nukes are well gone or hidden under terrys farm the africancaan goveerment was'nt about to allow a black bomb :twisted: