Africans complain of discrimination in Mumbai, India

If going to a place where millions are living in squalor (And shitting on the footpath) is a step up it makes you wonder just how fucking awful must the place they left be?
And dont forget being raped, so we have:

Were beginning to advance under the Empire and we gave them the opportunity to go it alone, but then within 20 years of us leaving they return to:

Millions Living in Squalor
Shitting on the footpath
Epedemic Rape
Child abuse/Beastiality
Corrupt Politicians

You could still be talking about both India and Africa
I would like it put on record that I do not agree with miscegenation.
Really, so what century are you living in, in your head?

I would like to add that I am in favour of it, and as living proof my current Mrs is of the Welsh persuasion. ( current that is until she logs on and sees this post)

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