African Infantryman of the Year


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Anybody rememeber "The Golden Shot" on Sunday afternoons?

Left a bit, right a bit, up a bit, FIRE


Nice mag config.

Not too shabby... at least the feeds of the unused mags wont get damaged when hull down.
Yeah, quite a few of these badass gangsta guerillas appear to have gender issues...


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Fat fuck

Not African but a good one anyway.

SA80 Fail.
chocolate_frog said:
Is the bride a bird or a bloke?
I think it's a bloke,but he looks bitching and is centre of attention.

Traditional initiation ceremonies often include a period in which boys dress in women’s clothes, expressing the idea that they are going through a difficult transition from children to adults.

This boy is wearing a pair of women's knickers but he is not taking part in a ceremony. He is making use of a widespread idea about how to appear scary. (Which is nice)
CutLunchCommando said:
Pillager said:
VanHelsing said:
A Gwar too, this one must stink
id do her
Tis an Israeli of Somali extraction (by airlift ISTR), no?
Israeli of Ethiopian extraction. Pic was taken during her conscript service in the IDF. Currently completing her MA in social work.

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