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African-Asians coming here, breeding and taking over

What are we to do?

  • Let them feather their nests

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  • Cage them, feed them seed, and throw away the key

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  • Do nothing and hope they fall off their perch

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Flocks of immigrants have come over here, holed up in London, bred like crazy and are now displacing our own natives. Furthermore, they don't know how to behave, won't walk anywhere, and sit aloof, looking down on everyone, occasionally screeching or getting into a flap.

What gets my goat is how can they ever expect to mix in with us? Their croaking speech and grasp of English is awful and if you try to engage them in conversation, and be reasonable and welcoming, they just repeat the same words back at you or take flight. Link here:

A little reactionary....

But I have to agree with all the "Reparation for Black people" crap going on just now... I am willing to pay reparation by paying for a 1 way ticket for anyone of the so called " slaves" to fook off back to Africa.

How can anyone today apologise for something that was done over 200 years ago. FFS get your finger out, dig in and get a f*cking life. Bone Idle cnuts!

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