Africa worse off than "in colonial times"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by 5_mile_sniper, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. I'm not worried about saying it, almost the whole continent has been going down the toilet since the colonial powers left, there's nothing new there. :evil:

    The indigenous peoples may have recieved little from the colonial powers but they recieve a damn lot less from the corrupt tin pot dictators that seem to have shaped much of Africa's politics since the 60s.
  2. i'm not afraid to say it , it's the most corrupt continent on the planet , your average ruler there shouldnt be trusted with running a f*cking bath let alone a country , and the only way to get ahead is to be more sneaky and corrupt than the next bloke , so , what does the west do ? channel billions of pounds in aid , straight to said corrupt governments , and then its surprised when presidente (enter corrupt african ruler here) starts kicking off with his shiney new migs , "oh where did he get those , stop that!!" say the now horrified west , "or we'll cut your aid."
    "my people will starve" says matey
    "oh yeah sorry , heres another couple of million , fancy a seat on the UN while we're at it , then you can have a say i how WE do things seeing as you're doing such a good job at home!!"

    ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh it makes me angry!!!!
  3. If they couldn't take a joke, they shouldn't have thrown off the colonial "shackles". It'll sort itself out in about two generations when most of 'em are dead from Aids. Rhodesia here we come(again)!
  4. Well, I keep it shut at work lest the thought police (day job involves contact with civil service types) decide they would rather do business with someone more "right-on" :evil:

    I totally agree with you and it grips my shyte when the likes of Mugabe forces white farmers (who produce food crops) off their land and replaces them with idle blacks (who produce nothing) in order to divert attention from the fact that he's bleeding his country dry.
  5. Just before the cry of " But the colonial powers left too quickly and are responsible" is heard while it is certainly true powers such as Belgium bolted without any thought for post colonial infastructure or a functioning civil service, the independance movements DEMANDED the European powers leave immediatley. This despite the obvious problems pulling the plug overnight would cause, its very much their own fault. Your contry now do what you want!!

    The British, in many cases had planned a staggered withdrawl. The idea being that one day these emerging states would govern themselves in the mould of Canada or Australia, this was a mindset stretching back to the Victorian era

    Singapore, annother former colony not exactly a sh1thole is it? makes you think
  6. and Kenya kind of holds it's own.
  7. I dont know what the average moron on the street thinks about Rhodesia but here are the facts; black people were not 'slaves' and actually had jobs and hopes under Ian Smith. The Rhodesian African Rifles (RAR) were brilliant soldiers (all black) and fought for Rhodesia with pride!

    It was mainly due to the Americans that Rhodesia went the way it did. Now they have a corrupt marxist running the country.........brilliant!!!

    America only moves off its arse when its in their OWN interests...........

    Rhodesia was the jewel of Africa, now its the shit hole......(marxist state of zimbabwe.....)

    Of course ITS ALL THE WHITE MANS FAULT AGAIN!!! :roll:
  8. Two important things to note:

    He is Black............

    Not widely reported or commented on.............

    Point 1 is the reason for Point 2. Were I, as a WASP, to say exactly the same thing I would be called a Racist. :evil: :evil:
  9. Hm.

    Is there any way we can have a little trade-loop going where we can help them? Obviously introducing money now will just fund the leaders but if the leaders were changed then would we be able to help them?

    Stronger commonwealth? Run like Europe should be? Simply a trade-group which looks after its own.

    Just a shot in the dark, tell me if I'm on to anything useful. If not then I'll slink off and see what other people have to say before putting anything into words again.


  10. Best thought you've had all day. Isn't it past your bedtime?
  11. There is nothing sadder that the sense of grim satisfaction when an inevitable penny like 'Africa was better off under colonialism' finally, after 40 plus years, drops. Unfortunately, it really is far too late. Ordinary native Africans have been saying this for years, but their voices have usually been drowned out by the gunfire of their rulers' squads of thugs, echoed by the collective shrill squawking of the left in the West. Worse still, decades of post-imperial guilt has been laid on the conscience of the West which means that any rational debate on Africa's problems is almost impossible. It should come as no surprise that the UN still has an office devoted to decolonisation, which concerns itself with the Falklands among other places..... Colonialism has not caused Africa's problems - decolonisation is to blame.
  12. Perhaps the most stupid thing we as a nation ever did was economically dump the Commonwealth countries which were mainly primary producers in favour of Europe which produces much the same as we do. We end up slapping tarrifs on things we need to import, from people who need the money while engaging in free trade with our competitors.

    The colonial powers should take some responsibility for the way they divided the continent up. Most of the countries in southern Africa were created by drawing lines on a map and saying "We'll have all the people this side, you can have the rest." Unfortunately this bore no relationship to the pre-existing political situation and tribes which have hated each other forever ended up together. Therefore whichever mob got power first used it to attempt to annihilate their old enemies.
  13. It's not just Africa. It happened in our own backyard in Yugoslavia. And sadly might again.
  14. Africa and Araibia are in the same boat. Nither has graduated to Nationalisam and are stuck in Tribelisam. As is the Balkans.