Africa wants its own army from G8

Africa wants its own army from G8
By Martin Plaut
BBC News

"The African Union has peacekeepers in Darfur

African leaders will put forward a proposal for the region to get its own standing army to G8 leaders next week, Africa's development body has said.

It should be ready to go to trouble spots at a moment's notice, Nepad head Wiseman Nkuhlu said.

He also said that a new $20bn fund is needed to speed up the distribution of cash for development projects.

These two initiatives will be in addition to aid, debt and trade already on the agenda at the G8 summit.

Nepad favours Africa drawing up its own priorities for growth and renewal.


Speaking in London ahead of the G8 summit, Mr Nkuhlu said the standing army should be drawn from Africa's own soldiers.

Billions and billions of dollars that are supposed to be flowing to Africa are not flowing

These would have equipment necessary to do the job, and would be served by an intelligence committee to spot potential conflicts before they erupt.

The troops would probably not be located all in one place, but would be ready to fly at a moment's notice.

The new financial fund would be located within an existing organisation, like the World Bank, but would be entirely separate from it - and administered by African finance ministers and their Western counterparts.

Mr Nkuhlu said this was necessary because of rising African frustration with the excruciating slow pace at which funds reach their intended targets.

"The African Development Bank, the World Bank, the European Union, they sit on billions and billions of dollars that are supposed to be flowing to Africa. But they're not flowing. And when you ask them, it has to do with procedures," he told the BBC.

"On the African countries' side, they say that these procedures are difficult and really cumbersome."
The only way to deal with these complaints was to set up a new fund with new guidelines, he said.
Both are highly ambitious proposals, and come with very large price tags."

Words fail me on the above GUNS before BUTTER
They want there own Army you must be joking I would not trust them with a BB gun if they want stability then it will be from a Western Army.
He also said that a new $20bn fund is needed to speed up the distribution of cash for development projects.

8O Oh right its needed to help with the distribution of aid... rrrright.

They should ask BobG - he'll know what to do. And - oh - its the UN fault why they haven't got this fund as well. :roll:
Didnt the old sadf claim they could get to cairo in 20 days when they were pissed sounds like a plan one huge extended line sorting the place out take about 20 yrs . bet boeing and air bus already about trying to flog planes
HMMMMMMM, Yes an army to carry all that juicy cash from western governments and aid agencies to those dodgey rogue governments, now what a good idea
I saw figures somewhere that showed the $220bn in aid to African countries is near enough the estimated theft of assets by corrupt African politicians & Heads of State.
Darfur, Rwanda, Congo, Biafra, Zimbabwe/Rhodesia - it's all OUR fault, so we should pay for an Army to stop it happenning again?

Bolleurks :x

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