Africa Village closes


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Apparently, they expected contractors and suppliers to wait until after the Games to be paid.
Better check to see if the Asylum seekers have the petty cash tin.
So thats £395k to local Uk suppliers then, thats a hell of a dent to their bottom line, I wonder if they can claim from LOCOG?
Beeb article said:
Asked if reports that £395,000 is owed are correct, he said: "We have a lot of figures. I don't know which is right at the moment.
Let's go with double + 20%.
I clicked on the link and read the following

"The hospitality centre for African nations competing in the Olympics has had to close because of unpaid debts, a spokesman has confirmed."

I was about to cancel my next ferry ticket back from Germany before I realised it was referring to a "village" and not the UK.


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when i was in finance we had a wee reminder thing for giving credit to our African chums .

Cash Upfront No Trust . worked ok for years .
Gari tastes like wallpaper paste
Would the story behind you eating wallpaper paste be worth telling? I assume it includes alcohol and the Emperor?

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