Africa Village closes

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Joker62, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. It's ok we can pay.
  2. Apparently, they expected contractors and suppliers to wait until after the Games to be paid.
  3. Dirty foreign skip licking aids ridden jack *****.
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  4. Someone call Bono!
  5. Better check to see if the Asylum seekers have the petty cash tin.
    So thats £395k to local Uk suppliers then, thats a hell of a dent to their bottom line, I wonder if they can claim from LOCOG?
  6. It was due to a lack of fried chicken and watermelon. Also we couldn't import enough Flies to crawl over the emaciated bodies of the visitors
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  7. Or just pissed off with the cash.... "Praise be to Jesus......"
  8. Its ok, a Nigerian prince has offered to move $78,000,000 in to LOCOGs account.....
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  9. I've no idea how rice and peas cost so much.

  10. Mealie pap is even cheaper.
  11. **** all's even cheaper
  12. Gari tastes like wallpaper paste
  13. Let's go with double + 20%.
  14. Shall we start an Arrse collection fund ?