Africa General Service Medal 1902 - 1956: Entitlement

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Tabman, Sep 4, 2008.

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  1. My grandfather served in Southern Africa between 1902-6 and I'm trying to discover if he had any entitlement to a campaign medal (other than the Boer War Medal). Does anyone know of the entitlement criteria for the various clasps to this medal please?
  2. No reference the AGSM. There were a num,ber of bars to the 1902-1956 AGSM but none of them applied to south Africa in the period 1902-56. during that period they were for nigeria (15 bars), East Africa ( 4 bars), Somaliland ( 2 bars) and West /Africa, Jubaland, BCA, Uganda, Gambia, Aro, Lango, Jidballi, Kissi and Nandi (1 bar each).

    However he might have qualified for the Medal for Zulu Rising in Natal (1906). It is unlikely, this was a limited edition medal, predominantly awarded to Natal state forces.
  3. The 1906 zulu medal, thats the natty black and purple number ISTR.

    Wife's Great Grandfather got one to go with this Boer war medals (queens and kings)

    Not sure what the qualifications for it were, but as cuddles said it went to motly Natal troops not British regulars.
  4. Yes Yeoman, it was the rather jolly black (Zulus??) and cerise ribbon indeed...
  5. Many thanks for the information
  6. Hey no charge Tabman, its what we know-alls do...just doing our job ma'am...

    My GF was in the 9th Lancers, so no entitlement. Thanks anyway!