Africa 'better in colonial times'

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Gas Gas Gas, Sep 22, 2004.

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  1. Yes, only as a result of a former Colonial Power plot.

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  2. Yes, of course. Once a leader has access to the piggy bank he helps himself

  3. Yes, but the Colonial Powers did not prepare the new nations properly.

  4. Yes, come back please!

  5. Yes & No. Depends on the individual country.

  6. No, it is just lies spread by former Colonial Powers

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  7. No, all is well, there is food, water and justice for all. (Mugabe)

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  8. No, most African nations are running themselve quite well in difficult circumstances

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  9. No, why do you think we are coming to Britain?

  1. "The average African is worse off now than during the colonial era, the brother of South Africa's President Thabo Mbeki has said."

    You & I would get a verbal slotting for saying that.

    As for leaders helping themselves; our "Dear Leader" & the "First Lady" might not be raiding the piggy bank but he is getting a good go at the fridge. Freebie holidays and the like.
  2. Colonialism has been replaced, IMO, with Tribalism and unless you are in the tribe that holds power you are stuffed, in a far worse way than you may have been stuffed by the wicked Colonials.

    What did the colonials do for us, some may shout ... well erm...roads, railways, schools, law & order, health service, cricket, jobs and paperwork etc etc
  3. Raiding the fridge !!!! they've had the fridge away and are now on the spare freezer in the garage. Allegedly.
  4. Speaking as a resident of the first/last African country to be "liberated", I can only say definately yes. Under the Brits SA ran pretty smoothly, then the boneheads took over in 1948 and stuffed it royally before finally admitting they'd stuffed up and giving it to the "democratic majority" in 1994.

    The only good thing about the afrikaaner govt was it kept the other lot out long enough for so long.
  5. Hi Troepie, I have to agree with your motto.....
  6. I do believe this was all forseen by Monty (that wily desert warrior), who stated (not quoted precisly here) in the late 40s, that when we, the colonial powers, pulled out of Africa, they'd be at each others throat and it would all go bad.

    Since the colonial powers pulled out, each African state has had so many coups that it beggars belief. Each leader is as corrupt as the last and the amount poured into Africa should have lifted it out of poverty but alas, we do not see that happening, just Swiss bank accounts getting bigger.

    I feel so sorry for the average African who just wants to provide for himself and his family and not have to survive on a day to day basis or get shafted by the latest idiot who thinks his account needs bolstering with UN aid :evil:
  7. Well at least with the demise of Colonialism......they can't blame us white folks for anything.

    Laaawdy! 8)
  8. What's that tribe called,
    The men scrap their faces with metal,
    The women have paint on theirs,
    They gather for festivals,
    And attack in co-ordinated groupings...
  9. 1 KINGS?
  10. have you done A Michael Jackson over the years then?
  11. I never touched dem kidz!
  12. relieved to hear that....but the court will decide, its as clear as black or white :wink:
  13. probably slightly too much ON topic but whilst in Sierra Leone during their 42nd aniversary of independance parade they wanted the LI to lead the parade and seemed vv keen for the old 'colonial jackboot' again!

    masochists? or realists?