If any of you Ex Regular TA's mobilisled after the 6th April 2005 I suggest that you read my topic (AFPS75 was not closed legally) on the RHQ serious stuff forum.
If you are an Ex Regular with an in-payment or preserved AFPS75 then the RFPS05 pays little in comparision; and then not until 65. At first I thought that it was just Section D of the Army Reserve that had been ripped off, but it is also the 'Volunter Reserve Forces', TA AFPS75 Ex Regulars.
Your service in the Army did not 'begin' after the 6th April 2005, it would have 'begun' way before this date, and you would have not have 're-enlisted' into the Army after this date. These being the words on the AFPS75 clossure Army Pension Warrant 1977 ammendment.
Acceptence into service at the RTMC upon being mobilised is not re-enlistment or enlistment as attestation does not take place; you are already enlisted into the TA, or in the case of Section D into the Army Reserve.