AFPS1975 - Do I have to take it at 60?

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Sorry if this question has been asked before - I've had a quick trawl through the thread and couldn't see any topics that appeared to deal with my question.
I did just over 14 years pensionable service on the AFPS75 scheme, so obviously cannot take this until I am 60. However, as a higher rate taxpayer, if I take the pension then, it will obviously have implications on my tax liability. I am (ahem) a few years shy of this yet but obviously one does like to start thinking about the future. If there is a rule that I have to take it at 60, then I may have to consider asking my employer (assuming I am still blessed with working for them) to reduce hours, otherwise there is not much point in having it.
So my question is, do you have to request it to kick in for when you reach 60, or can you leave it accruing, and put your papers in at a later date that better suits - I am contemplating a couple more years after reaching that age at least/most (depending on one's world view)
Ta very much in advance
AFPS 75 pensions earned before April 2005 are payable at age 60. To claim your preserved pension, go to the Veterans UK website and fill in AFPS Form 8. You will not receive the pension automatically - you will have to make a claim. You should send off the form 3 months before your pension is due.

It would appear that you can defer it by not submitting an AFPS Form 8.
Vets UK will not chase you to claim and, when you do claim, you will get your 'back pension' BUT they will ask you why you have claimed late as they have a duty to HMRC to check these things.

I have had clients who did not know they had a pension to claim, who claimed up to 13 years late, and, after explaining that they didn't know, got their pension plus arrears. I have also had clients who got the age wrong so claimed at state pension age and, amazingly, some who forgot they had a pension. Again, having explained that to Vets UK, no issues.

If you leave it until age 75, things get expensive as there are tax penalties.

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