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so i receive currently an afps05 medical pension (tier2) and although decided much later i now also receive a war pension for the same PIC, i have letters from 2 years ago telling me in no uncertain terms that should i qualify for a WDP above 20% i would be eligable for a further lump sum and the pension to be made tax free.

roll on almost 2 years to the day of that letter and i received a nice polite note from MOD Authority @MP600, it tells me that having received the info from Norcross the mod authority has done as assessment based on spva norcross assessment that his is done by there medical advisors and they have rejected the conditions so your pension will remain taxible.

my question is has anyone else had this problem, spva norcross assessed me based on a single condition and stated on there assessment they were ignoring all others, its the exact same as the one listed as my PIC excepting that Norcross uses the correct name and on the AFPS award they use kid speak

any help would be great cos right now i'm tempted to cut n past a few bits from some of the 20 or so letters and ask the newspapers wtf is this bolloxs
yeah i rather suspect it might be but there might be others who have fallen foul of this weird penny pinching tactic, the lump sum the original letters refer to is most likley the return of tax deducted.

as for using fps i cant afford to join because having a wife n 4 kids on a pension is rather close ot the wire finacially speaking (sure we get tax credits some housing benefit but its means tested so for every pound the income goes up we get a real increase of 15p as the benefits go down) most months i'm juggling payments to ensure rent, food and clothing are sorted which sems odd since the benefit bums still seem to b raking it in even wiht the new rules (the council would ignor the pension and give us full housing/council tax relief if the pension award letter stated that the conditions were the result of injury but thers been no joy on that front either)

so to me asking them whilst fully aware there most likley going ot be able to provide a complete answer would just seem cheeky knowing that i couldnt afford to join, maybe in the future i could aford it but not whilst i'm still unable to seek work, which i've been informed is probably going ot be the case for several years if not permentantly, and is the result of not being diagnosed correctly during service for a severe spinal problem, but thats a whole other problem :)
I've said this before, and I'll say it again.

Dig your ******* heels in. Take no prisoners. PM me if you want.

Just don't give up - let them try and take you screaming like a ginger stepchild.

I'll take some more Lemsips now shall I?
oO why lemsips take the real thing and be a devil beachams poweders are where its at besides if youve got a heavy cold /summer flu they even make you slightly light headed (not as good as the hard stuff but good enough) also taking an antihistamyne pill every day relives the congested feeling for about 14 hours and leaves your brain able to concetrate (i found that out quite by accident since my gp a few years ago prescribed them to supress the halucinigenic side effects of the meds i was taking at the time)

the stupid thing is i dont want to dig deep untill i find out wether the newly realised condition will uncrease the war pension level or not (no sence in starting a ruckus untill thats sorted one way or the other) because any formal action one way or another will only delay that side of things >.< sometimes i think people send out thease letters just to screw wiht our minds in the hope we'll jump off a cliff when they arrive and mess with the thinking process:)
so what there saying is i get a war pension for something which was caused or made worse by service, on or before 06/04/2006 and in addition i get a an afps t2 pension for the same condition that was caused or made worse by service after 06/04/2006 (well demostratably it was both since i had operations on the affected area before and after the two dates wiht problems before and after) in which case i should be receiving something on armed forces attributable benefits scheme as well, however since they wont give me an AFCS award as well as qualifying me for AFAB there ignoring the AFCS/GIP and screwing me for having served for too long whilst injured>>>

life would of been of been so much simpler had i been given my original tier3 pension award back in july 2006, but oh no some doogooder gp had to decide ot make me return to the workplace as a complete junkie for 4 years while everyone i worked wiht viewed me a loony when i was bouncing up n down while the meds kicked in or wore off>>> all the while doing more damage to my body and instead of fixing the "signs of depression" that they returned me to work to get rid of (oh yes i piece of paper that says a soldier can only fly a desk and must not under any circumstances be sent on unit phys or exercise/deployments was really adheared to) basically completly fecked over both me and my familly, oh well at least the w4nker got sacked for cocking up other peoples lives as well>>>.

gotta love the fact they hide behind rules they dont even adhear to 99% of the time and then to top it all off being in postoperative care for 18 months prior to discharge they lowered the tier award ot tier1 (raised on apeal since they didnt have the medical paperwork when thye made the original assessment) took almost 2 years for them to finally decide well yes we agree your not going to be getting fulltime paid employment but were sorry we cant raise your tier award back ot its original 2006 tier 3 level because its taken too long >>>>

i'm starting to get that sinking feeling maybe the depression that moron was talking about 6 years ago is finally going to affect me

anyone fancy rigging fridays euromillions draw so i win and stop careing ? i'll split it wiht you 50/50 :)

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