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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by heard_it_all_before, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone shed any light on Part E:

    Does your retirement lump sum exceed 1% of the lifetime allowance? Y/N

    Does the amount you have invested /are investing exceed 30% of your retirement lump sum? Y/N

    WTF does all that mean? Help :D
  2. Are you planning on investing your lump sum in a pension plan?
  3. No, and I haven't made any AVC's or haven't been on any special pay rates etc. leaving early on an invaliding pension.
  4. In that case this part does not apply to you so you should complete as follows:

    I confirm that I *do not intend to use any part of my lump sum to fund additional contributions to the Armed Forces
    Pension Scheme (such as the purchase of added years) or to any other pension arrangement. Please answer the
    following questions.
    Does your retirement lump sum exceed 1% of the Lifetime Allowance?
    (i.e. £1,500,000 [2006/07 rates] x 1% = £15,000)
    Does the amount you have invested/are investing exceed 30% of your retirement lump sum? *NO
    * (delete as appropriate) (This section must be completed before any lump sum can be paid)

    ie line through "do" and 2 x "Yes"

    If you are looking at funding a personal pension by putting any of this into it speak to an independent financial advisor before either committing yourself to anything or completing this section.

  5. Thanks PW, although I have a few more questions to ask ref Part B & Part C if that's ok?

    Part B: (afps 75) As I'm being invalided out, I guess that I just tick the bottom box ?

    Part C: As my pension will be an invaliding pension and I can't commute, I guess that the box in part C that contains the words 'The Maximum of £' I'll have to say 'Nil'

    Thanks for the help.. :D
  6. We called Pensions at Glasgow for the full explanation on the burb that you talk about above, I can't remember what was said as I am on leave at the moment, however, I do remember them saying that they get questions on this all the time, 94 560 3600, chose the option for pensions, they can help with your other queries aswell.
  7. Cheers LJS, Will do that on Monday morning. Think that they should include and explanation/example sheet with this form.
  8. Good call, they did tell me that they were in the proces of producing a user freindly form with explanation notes, I won't hold my breath just yet.
  9. Guys,

    I rang the SPVA: 0800 085 3600 Pensions Dept: Option 1.

    Very Helpfull and all was sorted within 5 minutes.

    PW & LJS, Thanks for your help and advice.

    *Just thought that I would post this info just in case anyone else ends up banging their head off the wall trying to fill this same form in...