AFPS 75 & RFPS Combined?

I have a soldier who is looking to leave prior to his 22 year point currently on AFPS 75 to take up an FTRS job with the TA.

Some bright spark asked that if he did FTRS, would his pension earning rights continue unabated (i.e. do 16 years AFPS 75, do another 6 on RFPS) for full 22 year pension rights?

Another school of thought said that if he rejoined within 30 days as an FTRS bod it would not count as a break in service and he would stay on AFPS 75.

Other people think his rights under AFPS 75 would be combined with the RFPS and he'd get rock all unless he soldiered on to 65.

Does anyone have the DS answer, or know who he can approach to find out?

Thanks in advance.


Unfortunately no, they are separate schemes. If he leaves before his due date his pension and IIRC his lump sum should be frozen until he is 55, any FTRS pension will not be paid until he is 60.

I have a regular army pension, approx 6 yrs FTRS pension and 6+ years NRPS pension (up-rated due to imminent Med discharge), those Xafinity Paymaster people must really love me!!

His RAWO should have no difficulty explaining the pension schemes.
EScotia is absolutely right - the schemes are totally different.

If the soldier in question leaves AFPS 75 before the Immediate Pension point his pension and lump sum would be preserved until 60 for the part earned before 6 April 2006 and 65 for the part earned on or after that date. The pension age for RFPS is 60 but the preserved pension age is 65. He could transfer his AFPS 75 benefits into RFPS but, if he were to leave before age 60, the preserved pension age for all benefits would be 65. When preserved benefits become due, they are uprated in line with the Consumer Prices Index.

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