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AFPS 75 Medical Discharge - Preserved Pension

Perhaps foolishly I have never given this much thought before. I was medically discharged after 7 years service due to a non attributable illness in 1995. I was awarded a preserved terminal grant and pension, payable at age 60. I presume AFPS 75 would be the pension scheme relevant to my time served. Under the scheme should I have received an immediate lump sum and pension?
Yes your scheme would have been 75. Were you actually medically discharged (ie via a medical board) or were you administratively discharged on medical grounds? If an MD, I believe you should have received an enhanced Service Invaliding Pension plus 3x gratuity.

If you were MD’d I suggest you collect together your paperwork/request copy from Glasgow and contact the Veterans Gateway for help here.

Good luck.
Thanks for the reply. I never went in front of a board, so presume it must have been an administrative discharge on medical grounds (asthma). I am in the process of requesting paperwork.

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